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Thursday, 25 July 2019


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David, is there a political party anywhere you do like? If you answer Farage's you should prepare for disappointment. And it's amusing to see Johnson is repeating May's repetitious demands the EU re-negotiate. The UK, for as long as it lasts, is stuck in a science fiction time loop.

Bob - by your comment I'm afraid to say it's clear you don't really understand anything very much.

I think it was Mark Twain (I stand to be corrected if necessary) who said something like "it is better to stay silent and be thought stupid than to speak and confirm it".


(And apologies David for going off-topic but, I worry you may perhaps write something featuring the Norks in the near future.)

Anyway Bob. You notice my comment on the 17th of this month? If not here it is:

"One last thing. Not to do with the subcontinent however - just want to avoid 'a Bob shout, Told you the Norks were unreliable/unpredictable!' Expect a Norkie weapons test of some sort; probably some sort of missile but a multi-stage rocket can't be ruled out. The proximate reason is the ROK and the US looks like, will resume soon a joint interoperability of military forces test (wargame). Those sorts of things tend to rile the DPRK."

Well Bob it looks like they're not so unpredictable wouldn't you agree?

Bob, you ask "David, is there a political party anywhere you do like?"

The answer is mostly 'no' because I have a deep suspicion about all of them. However, at different times and in different circumstances I will 'like' one more than another. For example, I mostly 'lurved' Mrs. Thatcher's Tory party but loathed Mrs May's. It's called judgment, Bob!

A second (albeit a much shorter due date) prediction.

On this evening's primetime expect CNN's Don Lemon, probably MSDNC's Rachel Maddow too, to be looking 'shocked I tell you shocked! as they utter in quivering tones some variant of, "Kim Jong Un rebukes Donald Trump - Again!"

Maybe even, since Mr. Mueller's, Mr. Nadler's, and Mr. Schiff's Bombshell! Congressional testimonies yesterday turned out to be so dudly, that'll be tonight's CNN and MSDNC leading fairytale.

Bob, you ask "David, is there a political party anywhere you do like?"

Surely the answer should be entirely NO.

Jack the dog,

While the intelligence of name-calling cannot be denied, would you care to elaborate on exactly why I'm stupid?


I've never believed they were anything but predictable.

"...and Mr. Schiff's Bombshell!" The only Schiff "bombshell" is the one he continues to drop in his shorts.

The Democrats are fit enough to govern...somewhere...just no longer in America. It is impossible to govern people they have contempt for.

Since the dog appears to be unavailable, I'll guess he has a problem with the word "demand". He's right. Boris asked politely:

David, not trusting political parties is something we actually agree on. I've never registered as anything other than Independent.

JK, NK will always run behind China's skirts. The government might be despicable and ruthless, but they've learned the lessons of Iraq and Libya. Trump's idea that he could personally charm Kim was always worthy of being accompanied by a circus calliope.

I'm pretty sure Bob nobody-Trump probably "the first public person"-figures the-pie-in-the-sky ideation of a 'denuclearized Korean peninsula' was anything other than Sky-Pie. Especially after Libya.

Well nobody aside from, very apparently, MSDNC's Rachel Maddow. (Back about February I happened to catch her show when, apparently, she'd 'just discovered' the Saudis were in negotiations for a reactor and it was "all Trump's doings." So I, out of the kindness of my heart, dropped her an email explaining it was actually during the previous administration the possibility first came up but it wasn't a Westinghouse reactor as she claimed "The Saudis will be getting" - no indeedy no - actually the reactor the Saudis were set to get was of ROK origin.

And though Ms Maddow responded to my email in, after a fashion, "a kindly manner" still she persisted in her following broadcasts, never delivering to her audience the information that the barn door of a 'denuclearized Korean peninsula' was left open not by Trump but rather, Obama PBUH.)

And I don't need no little birdy to tell me Mr. Jong Eun was as aware as I was and am, US legacy news media claims notwithstanding, that cow had escaped the barn long before Trump ever got elected.

The descent into farce both sides of the "Blonde pond" knows no bounds ...


Just yell "racist"!
"The thing about any un-PC statement is that if it’s true, the statement is even more “hurtful” — and hence even more deserving of punishment — than if it’s false. So why bother refuting it?" GR

PC kills.


You wish. Trump bragged to one of his crowds, and the cameras, that he and Kim "fell in love" after Kim wrote him "beautiful" letters. The Salesman in Chief thought Kim would take advantage of NK's oceanfront to turn the horrific dictatorship into an international tourist destination and location for some new Trump Towers and golf courses because: Money! He hasn't the faintest clue about geopolitics.

As expected Bob.

Throw it all at the wall so long as (maybe) something sticks to Trump.


The reality is we've been though this very same shit before. 'Sky-Pie' being regularly featured by Our Leaders assuring us masses "nuclear weapons proliferation will not be allowed!" (beyond the WWII *allies* crowd).

And that worked pretty good until ... well I've never bothered with a search on this here new-fangled-technology-the-internet which wasn't around but I bet Bob you can wiki up the "Indian Surprise" which to the best of my memory was code-named Smiling Buddha.

But we adjusted.

Not so long after that Pakistan got into the club and again, we adjusted. [* I'll leave aside another long-suspected nuclear state but since that one's never been "officially acknowledged" I'll just offer the theory we've adjusted to there being there there we've adjusted to there being there we've adjusted to that too.]

And let's recall too the Pakistani AQ Khan allowing himself to get bit by "the traveling bug."

So Obama comes up with a sales pitch of "Let's bribe 'em" and with that Bob you're considering that "genius level geopolitics"?

All the adjustments made before that "genius level geopolitics" too?

But yet - and I suspect 'Only because its Trump' - you'll not allow yourself to adjust to just one more new reality?

But then again Bob you were concerned France was gonna be nuked by this time last year so to what degree may I allow myself to consider you're ever gonna adjust to the current reality?

Don't bother Bob. I've adjusted myself to your cohort's idee fixees.

But actually Bob, I really rather enjoy y'alls discomfit. Gives me a reason to guffaw in this increasingly 'screwed up by the hands of all the geopolitical geniuses who've come before.'

Bob, just wondering if the Yank politicians ever get around to passing legislation to make life improvements for the people. All we hear over here is Trump groped this woman molested this other woman and is in league with the Russkies.

Regarding the Trump administration vis-à-vis Bob Mueller, Bob just above, the braying media, ankle-biting Congressional monomaniacs, etc., there's a Turkish expression that comes to mind:

"The dog barks, the caravan passes."

Elegantly put, Malcolm!


In the last three years the only major bill that's passed for "the people", if your meaning is commoners, is a reform that undid a lot of the oppressive criminal law the Bill Clinton administration signed. The well-to-do and corporations got a huge tax cut and business deregulations.

JK and Malcolm,

Please accept humble apology for failing to see glory of Dear Leader.


Apology accepted. Nothing's perfect -- and everything, here below, is a matter of triage and tradeoff. As I said here the other day, despite all his obvious flaws and shortcomings, Trump fights.

Whether people like Trump or despise him all seems to depend on what they think is worth fighting for.

Not wishing to seem just another ol' bitter man Bob, I accept your apology too.

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