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Thursday, 11 July 2019


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You "heard that" did you?

But it was 'just painters' wazzit that's brought you under the Memsahib's un-amusement?

Well then David wouldn't now be the perfect time for you to visit Arkansas?

The sheetrockers I hired "finished up" just now and I'd be delighted to see your de-cluttering face right about now.

Regarding the "Sir Kim" business, from Instapundit yesterday:

ROGER KIMBALL: ‘We will no longer deal with him’ was the end of Sir Kim Darroch. “In the world of Sir Kim, Donald Trump is, or should be, an impossibility. Many commentators noted that he, like the rest of the world, believed that Hillary Clinton (remember her?) was the inevitable, necessary winner of the 2016 US presidential election. The fact that that ineluctable eventuality failed to materialize was not only an intellectual stupefaction, it was a political, an existential outrage. Sir Kim was not alone in his opinions about the failures of Donald Trump and his administration. The entire confraternity of honorary Sir Humphreys — from Paul Ryan on down — thought the same. Sir Kim’s sin was not opining as he did but rather in being exposed as having done so.”

If these elites had a better track record, maybe they’d deserve the deference they demand. But they don’t, and in the Trump era they’ve been revealed as not only incompetent, but also petty and immature, even as they pretend to be the adults in the room.

Plus: “Serious people in Britain should focus their attention on discovering the person or persons who leaked the cables. Those responsible did so in part to embarrass Donald Trump, of course, but they did it also in order to interfere in the forthcoming British election.”

They make it easy to hate them don't they? ...

Amber Rudd is that effing cow who wanted to name and shame Fluffbun when May started on her "Brexit means Brexit", "No Deal is better than a bad deal", malarkey. A hard Brexit, No Deal merchant.

Then when May got the election message from the Brit peeps saying they didn't want "Brexit means Brexit", "No Deal is better than a bad deal", she jumped ship and went anti-No Deal, anti-hard Brexit, to cosy up to May.

But now that her only chance of a career is to yet again jump ship and go with Boing-Boing on a No Deal. hard Brexit stance, she flips again.

The Gaffer can airbrush this when he gets back to "normal": Amber Rudd is an effing see-you-next-Tuesday.


Whitewall, this Ambassador was a supporter of Tony Blair and is an EU remainer. Well done for Trump to call him out. The Ambassador and his clique set it up. Hopefully your CIA were observing this stunt!

Jimmy, the Ruling Class have been set on their collective ear with the arrival of Trump. He is a proper response to them. As the saying goes, "choose the form of your destructor". They did.

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