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Sunday, 14 July 2019


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Which random posts, if I may ask?


Boris brought down by May-Hammond faction.
General Election won by Labour.
Corbyn removed by hard left faction.
Article 50 revoked, we stay in EU.

The sun is shining and I am off up the garden for a cigar and coffee. Who cares about Brexit?

The hard left faction are Brexiteers. They want Margaret Thatcher's neo-Libertarian single market rules and regs like a hole in the head.


Ref Amber Rudd, I agree.

"We do need to think about how we regularise their [illegal immigrants] status ... actually I did talk about this a lot to Amber [Rudd] when she was Home Secretary." - BoJo

Was that before or after Amber Rudd wanted to name and shame my Fluffbun and the legal immigrants in the UK? And if that's what she wanted to do to legal immigrants, what on earth did she want to do to illegal immigrants?

Effing cow.


I'd like to disagree with Hitchens about the US. Unfortunately, we're being run by a kakistocracy for the moment, so it's a tricky business. I will, however, argue that Trump can't be dismissed as a baying hole in the air. He is an American sitcom / reality TV version of Benito Mussolini.

Has anyone discovered who leaked Sir Kim's communications and why? It seems there are people in some quarters who are desperate to return to pre Brexit/pre Trump times. They don't like uppity citizens getting in their way.

It appears the "why" revolves around the "Iran Deal"...not Iran Treaty as it should be if it had anything remotely passable in the US Senate. So it was a deal made by a suspect American, acting with guile against his own country. The next President is to keep a "deal" made by the likes of B. Hussein Obama? Like Hell.

Thanks to The Daily Mail, we are learning the scope of these leaks and more of the 'why':
Sir Kim Darroch vouched for British ex-spy Christopher Steele who put together the Dirty Dossier on Trump and told US officials he 'was "absolutely legit"'

So far unanswered is the 'who' leaked. Reasons are clearer.

"[T]he Iraq war - another Republican idea!"

Oil Cointreau David (hmmm ... I wonder at my French?) Put another way David, I beg to differ. Not so unlike 'the Libyan War' once certain paths were blazed the Iraq War was almost inevitable.

Remember Hillary voted in support of it and John Kerry famously said, "I was for it before I was against it."

And I seem to recall Iraq having at least a couple other countries similarly predisposed as was the case toward Muammar.

Fortunately in the war-case where Iran's concerned 'the three amigos' are definitely not in agreement. Thank God.

And there's this from a committed Democrat:

"Similarly, “regime change” in Iraq was the policy of the Clinton administration, in its second term, so starting history with hanging chads in Florida is deeply misguided. Given the strategic realities of the time, including the idées fixes of the Beltway smart set of the era, it’s frankly difficult to see how an Iraq invasion was avoidable in the hothouse atmosphere that swept the capital after 9/11: a President Gore would have very likely done the same thing, no matter what he says today."

Of course they are!

Oh my Garrrd Whitewall; from your link's first paragraph:

“We need a coalition of willing for a mandatory distribution mechanism."

Reckon Whitewall 'its the German way' of asking for "volunteers?"

JK, that may be German arrogance attempting humility...I don't know.

Whitewall do not give credence to Darroch, he is not UK USA friendly. Stick by Trump. The USA is our guarantor of freedom. If we lose that then we go back to the Dark Ages.

I should think Darroch resigned in embarassment once it became publicly known how trite and utterly lacking in insight his advice was. He might just as well have forwarded a few tweets and a WaPo or NYT editorial or two.

If that's the quality of the work we are getting from these FO Rolls Royce minds (what a laugh) we'd do better with a trabant.

No proroguing for you, sonny Jim! ...

So how's Boing-Boing BoJo gonna do no-deal now, then, eh, eh, eh?!


And now you're well and truly Kippered ...

What a fing liar.


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