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Sunday, 21 July 2019


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Maybe the C of E needs a massive infusion of Baptists?

'Dunno', Whiters, I am not qualified to say!

Just maybe the Mad Mullahs have made a big mistake.

It is not the Brit Armed Services that are the problem but the politicians. Britain could do much more harm to Iran in many ways than t'other way round.

We live in interesting times.

Well David, what I figure you could use about now is a PM name of Boris.

Hear tell he's something of a Navy enthusiast.

Dennis Lennox deserves great credit for using the word "antidisestablishmentarianism" and for having an iron grip on the obvious. I have met two ex-Brit clerics who moved here to head up churches because they couldn't find a job in the UK and churches here are short on young blood. A large majority of Americans are still religious, but the non-religious are now over 23% and growing rapidly. There is now a sexual predator scandal among Baptist clergy similar to that of the Catholics' that will probably accelerate the trend:

"It is not the Brit Armed Services that are the problem but the politicians."

Now yer talkin', OzD.

Blighty is spending the same percentage of GDP on defence as it did during the age of empire circa 1815 to 1914 when the sun didn't set on the blood soaked lands of Blighty's conquests ...

There is no amount of money that Blighty could spend on defence at the moment and not still end up outfoxed and humiliated by an enemy. Blighty hasn't won a war since 1982. It's actually been Lions lead by donkeys since about 1914, with allies doing the Lions share of any achievements. Best to not bother trying. Flick the Yanks 2% of GDP and leave it to them. Let them hire Brit troops.

In the mean time fix the core problem: Blighty's outdated, dysfunctional, operational political constitution.


Seems like we're all Bolton's men now anyway ...

He might as well have the 2% of GDP.


Here's another example of the hypocrisy of Boing-Boing, in this case regarding May's deal, he criticised : -

"Under no circumstances, whatever happens, will I allow the EU or anyone else to create any kind of division down the Irish Sea or attenuate our Union," Mr Johnson said.

And yet Boing-Boing is in favour of no less than 6 "Freeports" in the UK, including Belfast ...

Freeports require tax to be paid at the border when goods of services exit the Freeport and enter Blighty.

No-one in the MSM or Bloggersphere has spotted that one yet, I guess coz they're busy with all the others.


Well SoD,

Its sort of the Guardian's take on the Iran Imbroglio that'd do for the UK and the US that's my 'sly point' neither the GAP nor the GBP, the majority at any rate, want to get embroiled in a mess the likes of Cameron, Sarkozy, and Clinton, pushed Obama into doing in Libya.

I'm figuring should Boris occupy 10 he'n Donald'll be so worked up "doing deals" screwing around on the brink of WWIII will get back-burnered.

On balance, JK, being screwed by the Don is marginally better than WWIII, I grant you.

But you take my point though: being a citizen of a state that is about to do a deal(s) with a guy who telegraphs his philosophy in advance as being "I win, you lose", when the rest of the world - even the lowest of the lowest of pond-life - has the common sense to say "Sorry, we're washing our hair on that day", is somewhat frustrating, even if it does indeed prevent Armageddon.


Whitewall, my Church was the Bethany Congregational and we were not fundamentalists. My Granda was an Irishman and did like a wee bevvy. He was a good man who helped in his community especially the elderly. He died 1953 and is not forgotten.

Diversity police? Maybe this is what quality looks like as opposed to equality?

So much for your NBF Spreadsheet Phil and his fiscal competence ...

Boing-Boing is going to blow it all away on a spending spree.

And btw, Spreadsheet Phil was good but he didn't reduce the debt. He reduced the deficit, but since he didn't reduce the deficit to a surplus the debt was and is still rising.


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