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Sunday, 28 July 2019


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What a pack of inbred wankers.

My my! If this young couple can hang on a few years, karma will take over and they can treat his classless parents in the same manner. Maybe lease them a small cottage in the back forty. With a sturdy chimney and tight roof and roomy fireplace.

Buying the Downton series in box set is what we did. After the tv series was over. Same with "Victoria" but a season at a time this time. We may never see a product as fine as "Downton Abbey" again in our lifetimes.

I missed a lot of it at the time, Whiters, but having seen a couple of the re-run episodes I want to see the lot. Didn't try the "Victoria" series, the girl playing the part was far too pretty compared to the original who was a bit of a 'porker'!

Nah worries David about your 'Sort of Good News' because the way I figure it The Donald would almost certainly accept The Boris' cheque.

And after that acceptance then the UK can "safely invest" is US Treasury Bonds.

Now I do allow as David you're probably thinkin' "Wha? I thought the Chinese bought all the US's debt?"

Nah worries about that either. Back about a week ago the Democrat led House (you do know David the House of Representatives holds (figuratively) control of our purse-strings?) Anyway the House reached a budget deal which I understand will make $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+/- fairly immediately available.

I suspect David about the only thing you might express some concerns over is however much Treasuries Boris (and yourself) purchase - probably some of that will go toward fixing Congressman Elijah Cummings' rat problem.

You did mention as I recall from above David something about a fondness for things Baltimore? Maybe David, you could write Congressman Cummings about working on a side-deal (using your 'expertise' in second-hands dealing) by which maybe English cuisine could be supplemented? I know Londonistan is now home to a large number of Asians? Have SoD check with his pals there in Londonistan for possible recipes.

It should be a "win-win" David. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

I suppose, JK, that the, er, Special Relationship means that when we both go 'tits up' at least we'll be together!

And likely reduced to eating rats together too.

Trump is right:

There seems to be sooo much profit in poverty.

Good eye Whitewall.

And there's one back - Not for you so much Whitewall as it is for our Indiana sesquipedalian correspondent.

Should he deign to offer a rejoinder.

Trump got his information and pretty much quoted Kimberly Klacik verbatim:
The radio news this morning was playing the responses of residents of West Baltimore in support of Kimberly's report and Trump's tweets.

Sorry, JK, but the Baltimore Sun website is not available on European sites.
I expect they're too busy chasing rats!

Nice one David!

"Too busy chasing rats!"

You don't know the half of it David.

Hopefully, and if Maryland's PBS (the state within which Baltimore is located) Anyway if, hopefully, Maryland's Public Broadcasting Station is accessible is available, scroll down to the photo of the two Baltimore residents featured.

The one has a fishing pole in hand from which a rat dangles.

Mayhaps the opportunity to supplement England's cuisine is easier attained than which I originally conjectured?

By the way David, I've mentioned the photo featuring two residents of Baltimore describing only that which the one is holding?

The other fellow pictured is holding a baseball bat apparently "at the ready." Given the context of the photograph my best guess is the other guy isn't occupied in practice for a tryout for the city's Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

PBS you may not know but we here in the states most certainly are; PBS has a film in its archives where PETA is expressing outrage over guys with baseball bats conking seals over the head.

Where's the PETA outrage over Baltimoreans apparently conking rats?

I'm here to tell ya David, if PETA and "environmentally concerned" Congresspersons (I'm looking at you Elijah Cummings) didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all!

A chap called James LaFond, a writer and combat instructor (hence 'the meanest s-o-b in the valley') lives in Baltimore and blogs about it at length.

You want rats? He got 'em.

“Mason had tracked the major rat activity on the East Side up across the train tracks that service the terminals [where the Grain Elevator from Timmy’s story is]. You see, the lose grain falls off of the trains and makes the tracks a feed trail for rats—a migratory route! He wanted to do an interdiction, hit their supply train; catch them in the open. He selected the field around the tracks where the train travels beneath the Edison Highway Bridge just above Highland Town. There were many, many rat holes in those fields.

“We took every team, there was over twenty of us, I think twenty-four, even me in my dress and high heels with a shovel—ready to kill rats! We had smoke bombs that would be dropped down the holes, and that’s what we did, we smoked them out. As the smoke began to rise from all of these holes that we had simultaneously dropped bombs into, we heard it. I couldn’t believe it myself. It was a sound I can’t truly describe; kind of a hiss, and a whine, and a scratching all at once, as if the ground beneath our feet was coming alive!

“It was terrible! There was no counting them and they were huge, easily as big as cats! The combination of the smoke rising to obscure our vision, the ankle deep grass brushing your ankles and the ground coming alive with all of these creatures—the enemy—was too much. Everybody but Mason broke and ran. There he stood; the Rat Killer, slaughtering rats, like Custer at the Little Big Horn. But the rest of us ran for our lives!”

He also has a fan-blog a la Dalrymple

Thanks, Hugh, repulsive but fascinating. The likes of Elijah Cummings should be forced to sleep rough for a week on the streets of Baltimore!

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