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Sunday, 07 July 2019


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Over the decades we in the US have had our fair share of minimally competent Presidents, Sec. of State and diplomats. The ones that maintain a failing status quo thereby allowing the proper people to govern all of us seem to be the most "competent".

The "New World Order" has failed and Trump is only one more symptom of that failure. People in comfortable positions of power and influence are trying to hold on to what has benefited them so much at the expense of so many.

In this instance the coverage in the Daily Mail is better:

As you point out, none of this is a secret. It's been televised, and that's the point. The Republicans are now a 'virtual' political party, and it's gotten them in a fine mess. They're lucky to have Democrats as the opposition.

In 2016 the Republicans had almost as many candidates with 17. No one trusts the establishment wings of either party, so it's time for 'outsiders', and that's an easy qualification, as is now amply demonstrated by the current administration. Most of the entrants just like to see themselves on TV and raise their name recognition. With some uncharacteristic wisdom the Democrats have established rules that should narrow down the field in relatively short order.

It's not just the candidates - it's the policies. In 2016 Trump had one simple policy - to Make American Great Again. His opponent's policy was - It Is My Turn!. It's quite surprising that it was surprising he won!

About those foxes. A fox is an apex predator. In England the only thing that preys on foxes is man. If we don't kill the little buggers, in the end they will have killed all their prey and we'll have millions of starving foxes eating each other - and next door's little black cat - Banjo.

Also, BOE, he had one 'yuuuuuuuuuge' advantage back then - his opponent! Yeeeeees, quite!

These female footballers, American I mean, are apparently a no class bunch when on the world stage. It is bad enough when men act that way, but women? No thanks.

In '16, Trump had an anti America opponent. This time around, the Dems have a bunch of "woke" fanatics in their top eighty percent who are racing to be the most anti America candidate. Even poor old Joe Biden can't figure out these "new" Dems. Trump has driven them to barking madness and they are outing themselves as the opposite of MAGA. At least when the Republicans had a large primary field in 2016, each candidate was pro America.

Yo David, reckon if we air-dropped some of our 'feral pigs' down amongst wherever it is y'alls PETA-types congregate, the result might overcome their objections to "the messy bits"?

You can look at a face like Seamus Milne and see something that is not easy to put in words. And better not.

Backofanenvelope; agreed!

We lost our little cat Pippin to a fox, and I even heard it all happening very early one morning, but not realising what was going on.

A good chum who keeps chickens, told me that a fox will just get in there and kill the flock, without bothering to take them for food. The fox just does the nasty thing, then slopes off.

I had to lift up a roadkill dog fox from just outside our gate once. I felt bad, as it was a fit, beautiful animal, in its prime, but, my emotions don't count in such circumstances.

're the "leaked" memo. It was transparently published to goad T into nixing a trade deal. Presumably in the hopes that that would persuade people to stick with the EU.
It won't work because T has much experience dealing with officialdom and no reason to like or respect them.
Also, outside of a few thousand well paid people used to being influential, the UK will be better off out of the EU even without a US trade deal.
As to Mr.Hunt's foxhunting troubles, it proves to me that he cannot count. One might promise to do a thing if it will attract support. One might even promise to do a thing on principle if one is confident of sufficient support anyway. But to promise to do a thing and backtrack the next day indicates either a lack of principle of an inability to count, or both- plus of course a lack of thought.

Should have added that the memo may raise suspicions about the quality of the Trump administration. It removes all doubt about the uselessness of the Foreign Office.

Ref the girlie footy ...

I wonder what the BBC comedy sketch commissariat would make of that today?


Loz, they would think nice tits but not say nice tits but we can say nice tits.

At least they gave you a parachute! Not red or green I trust?

By George and all the Saints, look at the date!

Been so busy slaving away paying for Blighty's wrinklies to live in the manner to which they've been accustomed I clean forgot!

Happy Independence Day to the ex-colonials!

Here's a special little ditty for you ...

Took ages to find one with a Spanish translation so y'all can understand the lyrics, but it was no trouble, none at all.


Eh ... SoD?

You, in searching for that 'un particularly, bother to watch to the very end where a certain name appeared?

Reason I ask is ...

Oh nevermind.

G'day Duffers,

Back in the day the Oz military had a thing which debarred applicants with a red-green colour deficiency from entering the service. My son was rejected on his first application.

Then some bright spark discovered that camouflage was useless when the opposition's eyesight was red-green deficient and my son was accepted into the service but could not go to Engineers, Artillery or anywhere that colour coding was critical. So the Infantry it was. He finished his military service as a Colonel.

The interesting part was that on exercises as a young lieutenant he was excluded from the sharp end of a patrol as the camouflage used by the opposition was useless as he saw the actual shape of things and could in effect see through the attempt to hide.

Look on the bright side though. You joined the second best service after HM's Navies.

Dear Mr. D, if I may call you that. Thank you for nudging me over to this, the Forum Maximus where gladiators and assorted beast hold sway.

Speaking as an American of long standing, I can safely affirm that the "one world order" crowd that has had it so cushy since Herr Adolf and Mr. Tojo were taken care of, are indeed resisting by all and every means the change to status quo.

They are loath to lose their free money trough, funded by the U.S. and other (mainly western) taxpayers. It is now a battle to the (political) death, likely theirs and not DJT or the U.S. economy.

George C Marshall and those who followed had a very noble idea, but once the money begins to flow to bureaucrats, it usually never stops. I do believe it was one of your countrymen, one Mr. Parkinson, who wrote that "work expands to fill the time available" when referencing the civil service, alongside which should go "taxation grows regardless of purpose".

The leaking of classified or otherwise private communications has exploded in the press and other media since 2015, mainly as a means of attempting to remove one vary prominent burr in their tushes, named DJT. I have no doubt that many diplomatic circles are all attwiter with most foul words for our brave President.

While he may be crass, outspoken and not a member of their little club, he is doing what I (and millions more) perceive as is best for America. By elevating our own economy, we benefit the rest of the world, rising tide floating boats and all that.

I do so pray that Boing Boing Boris has a good head on his shoulders and that he too gets into the mode of "Britain First". Every nation must look out for their own interests above all else, which in no way precludes friendly relations with others. I for one would welcome the "Anglosphere Free Trade Zone" with sensible policies regarding trade, fiscal responsibility and lowering of taxes within the group.

Fraternally yours,
Edward P on the shores of Lac Michigan

"I for one would welcome the "Anglosphere Free Trade Zone" with sensible policies regarding trade, fiscal responsibility and lowering of taxes within the group."


"I for one would welcome the "Anglosphere Free Trade Zone" with sensible policies regarding trade, fiscal responsibility and lowering of taxes within the group."

Already been done - it's called the EU.

Nice that you think it's so admirable you'd want it for the Five Eyes.

Why not go the whole hog and make it a single market for the family of the West? ...

1. Blighty (Father of the family)
2. US
3. Canada
4. NZ
5. Oz (the kids down to here)
6. EU (the Mrs and in-laws)
7. Israel (adopted - For 2000 years, then setup home back at the still abusive natural family, but tough enough to fend them off these days)
8. Taiwan (adopted - abusive parent trying to regain custody, may turn violent)
9. Singapore (birthplace of the finest troll commenter of the world, loyal only to family)
10. Japan
11. Korea (bastard off-spring down to here, need to take responsibility though - ask Boing Boing BoJo)

There's not one of those states I wouldn't happily live in and submit myself to their laws and customs. Sofa surfin' the family - what a wonderful life for the next generation.

The 11 disciples of Liberty. The 12 - less Judas. And when the Rooskies finally come round the family will be complete.

Too much like globalization for you lot though, eh?


Not one of this lot with the exception of the three obvious ones would give us the time of day!

The President has just tweeted we cannot work with the UK ambassador. And quite rightly so. An ambassador using his office to attack the president of the host country and promote his personal view on Brexit is not on.

Good heavens, the Anglosphere need never be the EU, purely a trading block with similar law and some semblance of sanity with low internal taxation, low to non existent tariffs. No way in hell I would want anyone else to dolarize or create a fictitious currency managed by one central Merkelish bank.

That said, I truly worry about our neighbor to the north, they do appear to be walking running off the French cliff in lemming like unity with the EU.

Here ya go David. Enjoy that'un.

Thanks, JK, an excellent summary!

Uhm ... David?

I read Australia's got a possible solution for your fox hunting protestors:

All the fox hunting footage I've been privileged to watch features the hounds and the horses jumping stuff to get at the fox. Maybe, if y'all kinda sorta slow down your importing Pakis but increase your imports of Pygmys to ride the rabbits it'd be satisfaction all round 'cause then the fox would have a better "sporting" chance?

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