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Thursday, 18 July 2019


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I hope you're right. Already The Brexit Party are slipping behind in the polls, and my fear is that a general election would mean people reverting to traditional loyalties. The fake Tory gay simpleton who represents me could sing the Internationale while urinating on the Queen, providing he did it wearing the Tory logo.

With the gradual increase of the "political class" , both elected and in the Public Service, there has been a slow erosion of the notion that the "Pollies" and Public Service are there to represent the will of the people. Too many of them see themselves as "rulers by divine right".

Every now and then it is necessary to disabuse them of that notion. Britain now has its opportunity to bring them back to reality.

Whyaxye, maybe you should out him, her or both. I am getting confused about what is animal, mineral or vegetable nowadays and do all round surveillance when in a public toilet before pulling the monster out.

First of all a brisk series of deselections of all the tory scum who voted against the govt or abstained the other night, and especially those who represent leaver seats.

Hangings would be even better, but I will content myself with deselection of Greive and the rest.

The scorched earth retreat by the Remainers has worked. BoJo and the Brexiteers have been boing-boinged into the "desolate steppes of Hammond".

BoJo's only option now is to fight the Borodino pitched battle of an election.

More fool you if you think the Tories and BP are going to win that. The BP has split the rightwing Brexit vote and the first-past-the-post system will do the rest. A pyrrhic loss, to coin a new phrase off the old. General Winter is coming in the form of a Lib-Lab pact coalition government to finish off your Grande Armee once and for all.

All of your own making. Astonishing.


Loz I doubt the Libs would prop up a Corbyn anti semetic government. The Libs are hardly likely to fall on their sword a second time after propping up Cameron.

The Libs would munch their grandmother's fanny if they thought it would get them some power.

Did you see BoJo's Kipper thing, btw? Did that really happen, or am I so into Python and acid I hallucinated it?


Speaking of Python:

Spreadsheet Phil, the lad from Logistics, bravely downed his laptop for a rifle and joined Teflon Theresa in the battle to save Blighty from itself: Will he pull the trigger when he has to? ...

Before ...

After ...

He's come along way. Maybe he'll go far.


Glad to see the comments from SoD in view of the accuracy of his previous crystal ball gazing. Talking of forecasting, this may be of interest and highlights the fallibility of the IMF et al:

Hands-up Wiggers, I never thought the Brexiteers would be dumb enough not to slap Teflon's hand. Teflon's assault on the central position bounced.

But I did say the reserves from the Remain flank would march to the sound of the guns if the main assault got into trouble: the 1st Election Division, and more importantly: The 1st Referendum Corps. They're sweating like rapists as they tab along the road to the field of glory!

Will they get there in time?!

It's all down to Spreadsheet Phil, the lad from Logistics. Will he pull the trigger on Boing-Boing? It's going to be a right Royal nail-biter, maybe even literally: Will parliament have to send Her Maj to Brussels to beg for an extension? ...

By George and all the Saints, now that really will hurt in the morning.



Of course her maj could always tell the remainers to eat humble pie.

You never know, if parliament doesn't want it maybe she might do a Boney, "I didn't steal the crown. I found it lying in the gutter. So I picked it up with my sword. But it was the people who put it on my head".

Well she has more justification than even that - it was hers in the first place!



You’re reaching (again).

Her Majesty, God Bless Her would say the overwhelming majority of MPs voted to give the citizens a vote on EU membership. And they said they would honour the outcome. Therefore I condemn Loz and the other traitors to the Tower from where they will say a thousand times we are naughty boys, girls and other types.

Looks like Dad's Army, or rather Navy, has steered Blighty into another fine mess in the Straits of Hormuz ...

If Blighty's navy couldn't protect British shipping off the coast of Iran, why impound one of their ships in Gibraltar and invite the retaliation? And if Blighty's navy could protect her shipping, then why didn't it?

It's clear that Westminster is not fit for purpose. The operational constitution that supplies the pol class in Blighty is broken by design and failed in practice. Until it is fixed, no-one in their right mind would want sole stewardship on political, military, economic, or social from Blighty's buffoon factory that supplies Westminster with its retards. Any external oversight and governance on offer should be accepted. Only a fool would eschew such offers.

And this wasn't even the doing of Boing-Boing Kipper-Bang Ole-Ole Tarquin Biscuit-Barrell Johnson. Just wait until that Eton nob-end gets his hands on the controls of the train set.

You ain't seen nothing yet.


"Boing-Boing Kipper-Bang Ole-Ole Tarquin Biscuit-Barrell Johnson"

SoD, just when you drive me close to banning you outright for your crudities, you come up with something that is genuinely funny!

Alas, not me own work, guvner ...


Con Coughlin outlines Mordaunt and "#Hunty McHuntface" as the Twitterati have labelled him (a perfect Gaffer-ban ruse, I'll pick up that piece of discarded ammo from the field of inglory) and their utter incompetence and negligence in the Iran crisis ...

Additionally he covers the fact that the Don proposed operation Sentinel which is a joint protection plan and coalition of the willing to secure the West's tankers as they traversed the Straits of Hormuz, but Mordaunt and McHuntface refused.

So now Blighty must go cap in hand to the Don, "Please sir, may we have some protection?" having firstly thumbed their nose at him.

What a pair of Hunty McHuntfaces.


And as if by magic, Annunziata Farty-Tarty Tit-Warbler Ning-Nang-Nong Where-the-Cows-go-Bong Douchetta Rees-Mogg (Very Simple Party) complains that her peanut brain is not up to the rigours of the EU parliament. She can't keep up with the pace of the legislation she has to process in her new role as MEP ...

Seems the EU parliament actually makes its pols work for a living. Unlike Westminster and the civil service where, in spite of a 70% reduction in the quantity of legislation they are expected to put on the books and implement after joining the EU in 1975, they still have the same sized pol gaggle and civil service club but have only managed a fox hunting ban in 45 years.

SoD's useful suggestions for Annunziata Farty-Tarty Tit-Warbler Ning-Nang-Nong Where-the-Cows-go-Bong Douchetta Rees-Mogg (Very Simple Party): -

1. In fairness, being of the Very Simple Party we wouldn't expect otherwise.
2. If it really bothers you, and I doubt it will for long as the salary and perks will soon assuage, she could always try Westminster where the snail's pace might meet her intellectual capacity with the salary and perks largely the same.

Dear God. If you can't see it after this week you never will.

The majority of Blighty's peeps have realised the world's worst pols are currently housed in Westminster, propelled there by the world's worst operational constitution, and where they are easily out-foxed by a handful of Mad Mullahs with a few spilling over to Brussels where they are routinely humiliated for their stupidity and incapacity.

Which is why it would be undemocratic to perform any kind of Brexit without a second referendum, now that the Brit pols have had a 3 year chance to show the peeps what they're made of.


Oh God, no more Pythonesque labels, SoD, just think of my foreign readers who will not have the faintest idea what you are on! (Ooops, sorry, I mean "on about"!)

Surely everyone know's the Ning-Nang-Nong?! ...

It used to be somewhere I went between 9pm and 3am on a Saturday night.

Now all I have to do is wake up in Blighty and read the news and I'm there again.


Ah, dear old Spike Milligan, the *original* Monty Python! Alas, SoD, you were but a gleam in your Father's eye when "The Goon Show", with Spike, first hit 50s Britain and reduced us all to helpless laughter. I wonder if they would make me laugh today?


"I wonder if they would make me laugh today?"

Allow me:


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