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Saturday, 06 July 2019


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She seems to stick to him. And he is sure stuck to her.

Whitewall, you never really see a poor ugly man with a gorgeous wife or mistress. Is money anything to do with it?

Jimmy, well money can help. For some, being hung like a mule makes up for lack of money....
That's between us Jimmy. Don't let anyone else read this.

And how does the toxic midget, Bercow, actually manage to get it off with the enormous bird he's shacked up with?

I suppose he just climbs up, and gets somewhere close, calls 'Order, Order', she says something like 'Lower, lower', so he tries it all in a semitone fewer.

Luckily for Sarko, being so short, he can remember the honeymoon night when he went to sleep as soon as his feet touched the pillow!

Scrobs....pretty good!

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