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Friday, 16 August 2019


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In Britain's case it would be a good thing. Send China-Hong Hong- all those London knife/machete wielders and mid country rape gangs as consolation.

Whitewall, it occurs to me that those London knife/machete wielders are just the Triad without the intelligence and work ethic!

Sorry David, we thought of it first!

Whyaxye, you just might be right! Especially the 'work ethic' part.

Whitewall, I always thought it strange that China could be a Communist Capitalist State but they have managed to do it. However we do have to stop their march. The knock on the door and disappearing into oblivion is not the value of thinking people. The Chinese military are tick tock men and woman just like the North Koreans. The Chinese ruling elite are a patient mob of thugs who would unleash their worst if we wear weak.

Jimmy, Hong Kong may be the next "Berlin". China is going to eventually have to choose between freedom and communism.

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