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Monday, 26 August 2019


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Wot, no Monday Funnies? Yer on a charge!

"What's the charge against this man, Sergeant Major?"

"'E 'as not completed 'is Monday Funnies as per Standing Orders, Sah! An''e 'as been lazy,dozy, an' idle on parade. 'E is a lazy-dozy-idle man-Sah!"

And so on.

Well then how's about a listing of jokes that backfire?



You're hard taskmasters and just to make you feel bad about yourselves, the fact is that yesterday I was a tad off colour. Not ill, or anything near it, but a bit light-headed and uncertain on my feet. Normally that sort of thing doesn't hit me until the third martini. I understand there is a medical name for that syndrome, it's called 'old age'! Anyway, all is well today so standby for incoming!

For you Whitewall.

JK, thanks! I did not see that coming!

Step forward Cpl Duff and face charges that you were negligent in the duties expected of you. You are fined 10 Bob and will do extra duties in the Sgts Mess, now about turn and march off tae yer billet and polish those boots you filthy man.

Oh Jimmy, that brings back memories!

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