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Wednesday, 28 August 2019


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Sellar and Yeatman indeed! I finally read the whole thing, so much time spent laughing while trying to finish each page! That proved to be a "Good Thing".

I would pay good money to see Bercow's eyeballs swivel!

I see that pompous dwarf Bercow is spluttering about "constitutional outrage" - a subject he knows a fair bit about having done little else for the last 2 years.

Perhaps he thinks he should have a monopoly on it?

Looking good Boris, steady as she goes!

I gotta say David, when I saw that word the only thing I could think of was pirogue which for the life of me I was agoggled I'm here to tell ya.

And I had a verse in my head:

Goodbye joe, me gotta go, me oh, my oh
Me gotta go pole the pirogue down the bayou
My yvonne, the sweetest one, me oh, my oh
Son of a gun we’ll have good fun on the bayou.

Which verse being, more or less French I couldn't see how's it been applicable to anything English.

Fortunately checking out of my email I see ...

Hot Dang! How I wish sometimes our Founding Fathers had kept in some of them handier parlmentariaaums.

I can just imagine CNN newsreading being sumpin' other than completely boring.

A very British coup.

Through a constitutional loophole, a minority government suspends parliament. Jezza can't believe his luck, he can lay all the blame for No Deal chaos and suffering at BoJo's door, and when he, Jezza, gains power, then add a precedent endorsed constitutional loophole heavy duty tool to his Socialist kit bag.

@JK not sure if your wish is sarky or honest, but you've always got Godel's Loophole to fall back on.

The Remainers have 5 days to stop it. Given Jezza, as said, is a fake Remainer, this is going to be a dashed close run thing.


CNN on your wavelength JK ...

Trump might also identify with Johnson's daring. Any attempt to bypass parliament on a crucial constitutional question could be plucked from the Trump playbook.
The President has consistently sought to maximize his own power by outflanking lawmakers -- for instance in financing his border wall.
Were he to study the intricacies of British politics, Trump might also envy Johnson's room for maneuver.

The Age of Authoritarianism is upon us, good 'n' proper. No holds barred. Let slip ...


Hardly daring to do what is normally done every year.
In as much as it denied MPs the opportunity to amend the EU withdrawal Act that Parliament passed, I rather think they should have raised it at the time. Perhaps they think that MPs didn't know what they were voting for.
The main practical effect is that it enables Boris to set out his stall via. the Queen's speech and thus ensure that subsequent debate, including the likely general election, is on ground of his choosing.

Extra-constitutionally speaking-wise Loz CNN's own "consistency" might ought come under some scrutiny itself. For instance there was one authored by his predecessor authorizing an estimated four million illegal immigrants asylum. I doubt any of ten combined of Trump's could be viewed as so impactful on so many. (Brian Stelter's recent guest's claims on CNN's *Reliable Sources* that "Trump is responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined" notwithstanding.)

Far as Corbyn's screwing about is concerned, if Jezza can swing getting into power he'll be constrained by having to operate under strict post-Brexit British sovereign authority.

No small thing that Loz - British sovereign authority.

As this post colonial understands the matter.

"he'll [Jezza] be constrained by having to operate under strict post-Brexit British sovereign authority."

Mmm, we already know what that means, same got us from hero to zero 1945-75.

It - Blighty's operational constitution - only ever worked for the me-me-me when you were a colonial - coz we'd exported all the pols to your side of the pond. Then we exported them to Brussels after they returned to supervise 1945-75 decline, and shone again. We don't want them back any more than you do.


Shame SoD hasn't been able (or willing) to check up both on the formulae of Parliamentary prorogation & the definition of a Coup.

John Major’s prorogation in 1997 covered up the cash for questions scandal – & it lasted for 6 weeks. Today’s announced prorogation will result in Parliament losing 4 sitting (working) days.

& as for a Coup....Isn't that usually organised by the opposition rather than the Guvmint ?

The Euros are keeping their powder very dry, aren't they? A few squeaks and squawks, but otherwise "Steady the empire - wait until you see the whites of their eyes"!

If BoJo gets to Nov 1st and calls an election, I wonder if Brussels will unilaterally announce that no No Deal implementations will come into being until the election result and new gov is known? So even though the A50 extension expires the practical matters that actually matter don't expire? They can claim the undemocratic nature of BoJo's constitutional coup warrants adding another 5 weeks to the status quo.

That'll allow them to support a Remain coalition during the election campaigning. For example, they could propose a Dave Cam++ re-entry deal and support another referendum: No Deal, May's Deal, Dave Cam++ Remain, as the 3 options.

That'd sink BoJo's undemocratic steamroller strategy without trace, and reinforce the EU's democratic values credentials a la Poland and Hungary. Doesn't mean they'd definitely win the Remain outcome of course, but the odds would be very high.

It would give Blighty the fullest development of all three options to choose from in a referendum. The EU could say, "We've given you the best of a Brexit deal we can in May's deal, and the best of a Remain deal in Dave Cam++". Moral high ground or what?

I'd be happy to go with that and call it a day with whatever result the referendum turns up.


Less we forget chaps we did have a referendum and the people voted by a majority to leave. The UK Parliament voted to have the referendum and politicians stated clearly they would accept the referendum result. So in effect they gave sovereignty to the people.
Of course they thought the British would vote to remain. They never thought for a moment that the stupid people would vote to leave. Sometimes the stupid people are not so stupid.
We now have a situation that if a politician is elected then the clever people if they disagree can then say it was the stupid people who elected their representative. And we have war.

From my old friend Richard who is, apparently, having difficulty getting through to this site:

Erm... Lawrence,

Please watch this and then explain to me how anyone can take anything that Jeremy Corbyn says seriously.

Well done, SoD, not a single expletive!

Ref Richard's Jezza link: not sure why you aim it at me - I've been telling you he's one of yours for years! He's a Brexiteer and sees the opportunity for a Socialist Blighty as better furthered outside Thatcher's single market and EU constitutional values.

But he doesn't want to be the one in charge of Brexit who thereby carries the Brexit No Deal fallout and blame - leave that to BoJo.

Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks join up at the pointy bottom of Nolan's Chart, etc etc., you're indistinguishable down there!

@Jimmy - the referendum was advisory not obligatory on the pols. The Tories put it in their manifesto but what's a manifesto but a liar's cheat sheet of no worth whatsoever? Even if it goes on the statute books it can be scrubbed off by a future bill. Democracy is a fluid thing if it is anything, it's not a Hitlerite "now you've elected me you never get to change your mind again" thing. On 52-48, like a hung parliament that might get nothing done and never see 5 years, you were always going to be on thin ice.


Loz you will never rise above Lance Cpl and doing menial chores in the EU kitchen for the elites.

"I wonder if Brussels will unilaterally announce that no No Deal implementations will come into being until the election result and new gov is known?"

Nah worries y'all, emailings betwixt Senators an' me indicate Trump's considering ordering the Berlin Airlift aircraft out of the mothballs where we'd stored 'em so long ago. An' Merkel's done herself no favors by her recently past conduct - nor has satellite imagery revealed her re-activating the Luftwaffe.

I'm reckoning if the EU does have punitive plans in the near-term "starving y'all out" is what I'm seeing over here on CNN - With the possible exception of Londonistan (Westminster?) y'all be confident the food parcels will be there.

And I don't see Germany and France invoking an Article 5.

This is not good enough Duff.
Just because you had a bank holiday or the sun came out or something we don't get any funnies.
It's not as if you write the damned things yourself. All you've got to do is transcribe them.
Smarten up DD.

SoD's taken over supplying the funnies Andra.

The EU's keeping its powder dry SoD?

THey haven't got any SoDding powder. If they're lucky they'll avoid blowing their own foot off, but that depends on certain national heads of government acting in the interests of their own people instead of the Brussels oligarchy but there is guarantee they will.

"y'all be confident the food parcels will be there."

In "exchange" for what? A US funded dollop of Socialism as the Gaffer pointed out from Study's book happened last time? And / or a dollop of Washington puppet-mastery?

So much for "Take back control". If you think Brussels, the rules based system of rules based systems in which we had a greater than 1/28th input, has a whip-hand, you ain't seen nuffink like the Don controlled swamp has got coming. That's why he hasn't closed a deal with anyone yet - "anyone" has been smart enough to dodge the shackles and middle finger him. I suppose there would be some irony and historical justice in this "emperor becomes colonial" role reversal though!

There's only one deal worth it with the US: 51st state. Which of course would have been indistinguishable from the solution to the disintegration of the original scenario over tea, tax, and representation issues. We would already be as one.

Otherwise unilateral free trade: make Blighty a Freeport and Singapore of the North Atlantic. The ultimate "No Deal", which is so "No Deal" it joins up on the other side to become "All Deals".

Neither is conceivable to the Brit Socialist mind, so ruination will follow, whether immediate or lingeringly.

That's the lot of Blighty: Too incompetent to run its own affairs, and too proud and stupid to partner with the best oversight on offer.


Stuey's book.


BuzzFeed has a list of dirty tricks BoJo has lined up through the loopholes of Blighty's ragbag constitution, including filibustering the Lord's and forcing Her Maj to create bank holidays on demand to avoid parliament having to sit ...

The "Will of the People", eh? Now in action shaking the oldest democracy, the Wright Bother's plane in a world of Dreamliners, to pieces.


If you think a new US / UK deal is coming ever, let alone any time soon, you're in la-la land ...

Brit Socialist stubbornness, Trump impatience, and Irish Congress will put paid to that.

If anything the devalued post-Brexit pound will choke off US imports and the Don will cry "Currency manipulation" and slap a tariff on all Brit exports!


SoD, you are in danger of becoming the club bore!

At least we get lots of Rees-Mogg on our TV. A man with a sense of humour who speaks clear English. No wonder he upsets SoD and the rest of the remoaners!

I'm in good company then, club motto "Borealis maximus".

Funny how repetition is less boring when you agree with it than not.


Loz, the rich bitch is taking the Gov to court over its brexit policy.

Looks like BoJo's mob is coming apart at the seams already! ...

The Judean People's Front, People's Front of Judea, and the Judean People's Popular Front (we Love him - he's over there!) are handing it to the Romans on a plate as they cut each others throats!

And already the Romans are preparing to unilaterally extend A50 to outflank BoJo's prorogue manoeuvre as I predicted.

This is one helluva scrap, isn't it?! The Op Anal and histrionics will run into centuries even with all the hindsight those folks will have.


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