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Wednesday, 07 August 2019


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Hurting Germany is not an objective. It may or may not be necessary to achieve the objective, that depends heavily on the policies pursued by the German government, but it is something one would avoid if our objectives can be reached by other means.
Likewise clobbering EU fishermen. It may well be necessary to benefit our own, but if some other way can be found so much the better.
I note the withdrawal fee even if paid at the current estimate amounts to a few years contributions. In the end we would be better off even with a fee paid at the current estimate. But again it is our best interests need to be pursued, any harm to the EU being incidental, and should be minimised.

"Both we and the Europeans will suffer in a 'No Deal' situation but the long term outcome favours us over them."

The short-term muddle, inconvenience, and pain of Brexit should not be skated over, whatever one's views as to the desirability of the project. There's no merit in denying that some people will lose out; that just makes Brexiteers appear to be unrealistic ideologues. But the important point, of course, is not to give in the Remainer fantasies that the pain of a few will overwhelm us all.

Long-term, it's better to be free to make our own laws, protect our own interests, and make a whole political class redundant.

I watched BBC Breakfast TV this morning. Someone said that the Germans sell ONE MILLION cars in the UK every year. This set me to thinking. What do we buy from the EU countries that we can't buy elsewhere?

Pat, you are right to remind me that "Hurting Germany is not an objective". However, if it helps to concentrate their minds, it's not all bad! Similarly, I would prefer not to have a fishing 'war' with the French but their recalcitrance in blocking any chance of a sensible deal may bring its own reward!

I understand that both countries are upset by Brexit which will damage their favoured construct but it is time they faced the inevitable and stopped hiding behind the EU 'apparat'!

There's a whole lot more "We can do this, we can do that" I could add to that list. It would all add up to making Blighty the Singapore of the North Atlantic.

If I thought for one moment that Blighty's peeps and pols were even remotely in the "Thatcher II zone" I'd have gone for it. The peeps and pols think that democratic direction of the means of production and distribution is the way to go, and Brexit will unleash that insanity.

The wrinklies can't remember what it was like when we did it before, and the "youf" don't know what it's like at all because they're a blank sheet generation with no knowledge of history and the epic, colossal mistakes of history due to the state education system, packed, as it is, with Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks types who think they'll get it right second time / century round, that airbrushed and brainwashed them.

You're flippin' dreaming if you think you'll get any of it. Instead you'll get an authoritarian hellhole where farting is taxed (I'm not joking, think about it).


Don't crank up the schadenfreude yet, David. We might all be in the soup with Germany soon:

"An escalation of the US-China trade war could send the global economy into recession in just "three quarters' time," Morgan Stanley's chief economist said in a Monday report.

The analyst noted that an increased US tariff of 25% on Chinese imports for four-to-six months could catalyze a global pullback, as weak corporate sentiment and slowed domestic demand already threaten the economy.

The report follows failed negotiations between the two nations and President Trump's subsequent announcement of a new set of tariffs set to hit Chinese imports in early September."

Don't be such a spoilsport, Bob, I enjoy a nice dollop of schadenfreude particularly if it derives from the sufferings of the murderous Chinese government!

Leaving the political wing of the EU and continuing trading should be an easy job however the EU political class have enjoyed so much power that they will not relinquish it. The EU businesses and workers are a second thought to them. When we leave the EU will no doubt even attempt to obstruct WTO rules. Just as well we have retained our deterrent. Yesterday's friends are tomorrow's enemies.

I agree with you Jimmy!

By leaving the EU we will make the EU our enemy, and the US too.

Billy No Mates Blighty is your future. Unless you bite the bullet and embrace the Rooskies and Chinks.

You're better off in a rules based system with a friend than BNMB, imho, especially with the kind of dross Blighty has had in charge for the last 100 years.

I mean, look at the fine piece of legislation called the fixed term parliament bill. Do you think that piece of shit would even have had a hearing in the EU system, let alone risen up through the filters and checks and balances to end up on the statute books?


If "swivel-eyed loon" ever need a real-world embodiment ...

Swivel-eyed loon in 10 Downing Street

BoJo has handed over the running of the country and the handling of the most important issue since 1973 to an unelected, unaccountable swivel-eyed loon because he himself is too incompetent and powerless to do it himself ...

And you lot complain that unelected, unaccountable executives run the EU!

I suppose there is some credit to BoJo that at least he is admitting he hasn't got a clue how to run the country and handle the most important issue since 1973.

But, well, now we really know.


Loz, Pms have always had advisor's. Remember Pinnochio Campbell!

SoD, you're off your meds again, go and have a nice nap and you'll feel better!

So when your man BoJo has a swivel-eyed loon telling him what to do he's a "Special Adviser" and it's all perfectly democratic, but when Junck-the-Drunk has the same then that person is an "unelected nobody with no mandate" and it's totally undemocratic, is that what you're saying?


Also, SoD, I would strongly urge you not to rely on 'The Grauniad'. According to Guido, they can't even report their own financial condition accurately!

So you don't think Cummings is pulling the strings?

Alastair Campbell was pulling the strings, Junck-the-Drunk's SPAD's were pulling the strings, but Dominic Cummings isn't pulling the strings, is that what you're saying?

BoJo wasn't even elected, he was appointed by the one party state system operating as the executive of Blighty right now, and his appointee - a second level of displacement from democracy - is running the country and pushing the constitution to breaking point and harassing her Maj. And you have the audacity point the finger at Junck-the-Drunk who was elected by the elected heads of state of the 28 and seconded by an elected parliament and call him "undemocratic"?

This is what you get when you hand over sole governance to "Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks".

Bring on the referendum - before or after 31st October, I don't care when as long as it's soon. All the truths are out now, we can really find out whether Blighty's peeps are as dumb and crooked as their pols - or if they merely left their brains at home when they went to Glastonbury on 23rd of June 2016.


Loz, you really do have a propensity for hiperbole. The British people do know the difference between in and out just like a woman does.The fact is is that the Frogs and Krauts are just wanting to settle old scores with us since WW2 and Waterloo.

Well at least someone had the goddam common decency to spell out the truth, that Blighty's peeps are delusional "Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks" foot soldiers...

As I've been saying for 3 years, there isn't a Libertarian, Thatcherite, small state, Singapore of the North Atlantic, bone in the body politic and pleb-mass, not one.

Exiting Thatcher's legacy institution, the EU single market, is the last straw that instead guarantees Blighty's decline and fall to become the Venezuela of the North Atlantic.

Why, oh why, do we do this to ourselves? I'll tell you why: -

Because on one side from 1945 an army of bossy boots returned from empire and trashed the "Accidental Liberty" that mainland Blighty had enjoyed for 100+ years while they were absent, and on the other side, an army of guilt-ridden lefty bossy boots infested the education system, private and public, and brainwashed the population.

"Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks", a faux difference between which you couldn't slip a fag paper but gives the pretence of democracy, just got a nation of foot soldiers.


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