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Tuesday, 20 August 2019


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You'll now David, be buying that book I recommended on history of the US?

You know, the one you read the review of and observed you found the statement comparing Henry VIII to Barry Goldwater "intriguing"?

Well I'll give you another reason, last night's reading I discovered on page 122 the word "cockamamie." It was used in the context regarding how intellectuals (Democrats incidentally) in the pre Civil War south concluded they couldn't possibly lose owing to how Britain would never allow it because of cotton for its mills.

Admittedly that 1850's Democrat southern smart guy didn't use the word, the author of the book did. It seems, to me at least, the author infrequently opines himself - indeed very rarely does the fellow allow himself to employ "modern thinking" as it relates to 'people and events in their era' except for this one instance (so far) as I've seen.

Buy it David. You'll thank me.

David, that 'Intro' by itself seems to be unnerving for you? Beware the self anointed "elite thinkers" of any age. Some think thoroughly and some poorly.

And some, Whiters, do not think at all!

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