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Thursday, 29 August 2019


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I agree. Randy Andy came by his nickname honestly. I remember when he visited LA (where I was living at the time) the female of the species were queuing up in droves.
While those girls may have been underage by someone standards most of them hung around for years. If it had been truly traumatizing they would have left toot day sweet. I have known a few "respectable" girlies who liked that sort of income.

For some males, the attraction is 'available' and 'easy' when it comes to young girls. As some males age, the 'easy' part is the attraction. Big difference between girls and women.

Well said, Duffers. You only missed out mentioning the marketing genius who slapped the term “sex slaves” all over the noos meeeja.

That reminds me, Timbo, I wasted most of my youth searching for sex slaves - never found one!

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