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Thursday, 22 August 2019


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Cockney slang. I think I would just hand over my wallet and say 'take what's needed'...with some American South slang thrown in just in case too much is taken.

“The two ships touched with a shock which was barely perceptible, just enough in fact to ‘swear by,’ as the gunner remarked.”

Can't have you buying Arkansas David but for that above we'll sell you Puerto Rico!

Arkansas is a fine state, but it would be wasted on us Brits, and most of us can't even pronounce it, and it's likely to come with outstanding legal issues due to one of its past governors.

If we want to trade with Trump, best to sell him something and see if he can run it better. I propose the NHS, the BBC, or Ulster. They are all fantastic success stories that I'm sure he would snap up.

No no Whyaxye, don't go a'waling David offin his mission.

As I says, can't do Arkansas but we will do Puerto Rico.

Tell you what David, lets me rethink my presentations above and then come down reducin' that price to "the price of a pig"?

I'm sure you'll have a better grip where that uns concerned.

The Danish prime minister is a Eurosnob. Interesting that no one has asked the 52,000 people living in Greenland what they would like to do. Perhaps they would prefer to be American instead of a sub-set of the EU.

The 52k Greenlanders are largely unemployed, alcoholic, and otherwise economically unviable. Since their lavish Danish / EU benefits are unlikely to be equalled by the Don, and the sounds of fracking, drilling, mining detonations and other industrious goings on might well disturb whatever Danish daytime TV has to offer, I'll bet my last dollar they'd vote for the Danish / EU teat over Dondom any day.

Perhaps Blighty could sell him Scotland? Flippin''ell, I might even vote Brexit if that was into the bargain (sorry Jimmy).


Perhaps they could hold a referendum.

"unemployed, alcoholic, and otherwise economically unviable"

Once upon a time, I thought that described Finland. Maybe they are better now?

Finland Whitewall?


Baltimore. Chicago. San Francisco (the non sand bits). Sacramento. Minneapolis & St Paul.

Washington DC.

Greenland at least does have on-site geo-thermal with which I'm figuring 'Our Donald' could at least claim (tweet) he'd done the only "real bit" that could be done carbon neutrally.

JK, I was attempting to wax 'European'. You're right about that though. America has so many places like that, well, it would take a bigger blog!

Loz, Scotland is for sale but not for much. The Scottish Nationalists want to sell us and our resources to the EU and we pay them for the privalege.

Just so you see David, where Arkansas and Trump's concerned ...

Something I've been saying for months ...

Trump's actually a complete failure at deal-making. If I was his sales manager I'd be saying, "Not only have you not made target, you haven't even closed one deal - YOU'RE FIRED!"

Thank Gawd for the Good Friday Agreement and the Paddy Supporters Club or whatever they call themselves over there, who are going to stop any free trade deal BoJo and the Don try and cobble together to figleaf over the Brexit / Trump axis of embarrassing under-achievement. It's quite clear that anyone, friend or enemy, dim enough to shake the Don's hand has lost in any deal with him. The GFA / PSC construct eliminates that possibility from BoJo post-Brexit.

WTO it will be for Blighty with its two largest trade partners. That's going to hurt in the morning. The afternoon. The evening. And the day after. It's not a short term Brexit issue that will be surmounted. It's forever as long as Blighty has a border with Ireland. The Irish border problem effectively locks Blighty out of a trade deal with the EU and US.

The destruction of Blighty won't necessarily come from a Nov 1st meltdown, but rather a long, steady burn, a la 1945-75. The Remainers who forecast sudden death will be wrong, but not half as wrong as the Brexiteers who forecast a rosy long term future.


Loz, seems tae me you are not a supporter of the UK and are a convert to the EU Mafia mob. Loyalty to your country is not on your radar.

Me and mine first, the country second, Jimmy.

My country only serves the purpose of making me better off, otherwise it is to be criticized and ultimately discarded.


Good job they didn't think like that in 1939!

Me and mine first, the country second, Jimmy.

My country only serves the purpose of making me better off, otherwise it is to be criticized and ultimately discarded.

All I can say is - goodbye!

And you lot wonder why half your parents or grandparents were pushing up the daisies in Flanders long before their time. Little tear in the corner of the eye, bit of lip-wobble? - BS, crocodile tears. You just can't wait for today's sons and daughters to be sent to the meat grinder of Northern Ireland or, as hot air turns to cold steel again, some other corner of a foreign field in Europe.

You saw the prosperity, the beating of arms into ploughshares through peace deals - even in the Balkans and Northern Ireland, the most contested places in Europe after Flanders - and you just couldn't suppress your nationalist, jingoist, xenophobic urges. To collectively suffer is some right of passage to existence in your world.

Well we've all seen another way through globalisation, rules based international systems, and single markets. If we have to go back to your hellhole for a while to really take on-board the contrast, so be it.

Or maybe folks were caught unawares on 23rd June 2016, and like some finale scene in a horror movie where everyone has been lulled into a false sense of security that Freddy Krueger is dead, then suddenly, while cavorting around in the mud at Glastonbury he sneaks back from oblivion and terrorises them again. But we also know how that movie ends too - a last desperate struggle and the beast is laid to rest.

Which will it be?


The Don extends his mercantilist, protectionist ideology into pure Socialism with rule by decree ...

The US has rejected its own philosophical base on the left and right. To quote Nolan's chart again ...

... the US has sunk to the authoritarian very bottom, where left and right join up.

I don't know if the US has an equivalent phrase for "Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks", but whatever it might be, it is the case.


Aside from Godel's Loophole ...

... (I wonder how long before the Don clocks that one), the US Constitution is starting make Blighty's look good! The Don has found a genuine method of behaving like a true Socialist and can't wait to get started ...

Just remind me how we got here? Oh yes, you lot ...


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