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Friday, 09 August 2019


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The "third way". Pretty much a fake middle of the road version of Leftist social and economic policy advancement. The Fabian Society would approve.

It is difficult to see Europhiles in government bringing down Boris as they brought down Maggie. The issue is far too public for such a thing to be done surreptitiously.
We are not in anything resembling the ERM, the failure of which brought down Major.
So if Boris can get through the next six months he should be set for a long innings. IF.
And yes I want (Manchester School) Liberalism.

David, maybe I am reading this wrong but I am sure Blair resigned and Brown was beaten in an election.

Works for me!

You're right, Jimmy, my bad and I will inflict a suitable punishment on myself like eating cold porridge! What I (and Mr. Sidwell) meant was that the Blair soft Left philosophy carried on after him but in different hands. But no more, methinks!

The "heirs to Blair", Cameron and May, shrank the deficit from £141bn to £32.3bn ...

... and shrank the public sector from 44.9% to 38.5%. ...

Hardly the "heir to Blair", more like a pair of "Baby Thatchers", to expropriate Guy Verhofstadt's nickname.

Meanwhile, BoJo's first action is a £2bn splurge on the NHS, pledges to splurge on useless "infrastructure" in the least appealing places in the country (if they were appealing, why isn't capitalism funding them?), and pledges to cut taxes left, right, and centre all of which will be funded from borrowing.

Hardly Baby Thatcher, more like the Don's prodigy - the Don already squealing like a stuck pig for a reduction in interest rates to clear up his mess.

More delusional Daily Mail / Telegraph drivel from the Gaffer.


Given that interest rates are on the floor, now is a pretty good moment to borrow! Equally, cutting taxes frequently results in bigger spending as people feel the weight of the loose change in their pockets! And, of course, bigger spending encourages business and the people who work in it!


Trump has gotten his rate cut, but has bulled ahead escalating trade war and destabilizing markets. Deficit spending is in the current tradition of the Republicans (Dick Cheney famously declared "deficits don't matter"). They leave it to Democrats to pay down the deficit, making them seem like the tax-raising, bad-for-the-economy party. Let's hope your Tories haven't picked up the habit since you don't have a viable alternative at this point.

"Given that interest rates are on the floor, now is a pretty good moment to borrow!"

Blighty now has £1.8 trillion debt. Interest rates can never go up given that the cost of servicing the debts is £48bn even at today's low interest rates. Which means no-one can ever retire except those who are now retired on the fixed rate pensions of yesteryear. And the more debt Blighty sinks into the deeper into that situation Blighty goes.

You really have shafted the future generations with your selfish, nationalist, xenophobic, fiscally incontinent manifesto.

The moment the constitutional opportunity comes into view the reactionaries are going to sink your neo-fascist agenda without trace.


I tol' you before SoD, you can have all the US Treasuries you want.


Something y'all (BOE?) might want to keep eyes on.

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