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Thursday, 01 August 2019


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David, the 'movers and shakers' in the world of finance take the month of August as downtime. Maybe you should join them?

The left is always so breakable. Mental instability is like that.

Your friend, the bearded Rupert, says we are all going to get warmer. Just at the right time for people our age! I rather like being warm.

I’ve never before commented, but wanted you to know that I look forward to reading your blog daily. In fact, I’m impressed that you come up with so much good stuff, such wit, such on spot commentary on a daily basis. You’ll get your groove back. No pressure!

What Crystal said! She beat me to it, dammit.

David, accusing everyone! of having a baseless, unalterable opinion of Trump is a copout. He makes it his business to supply comment fodder daily. However, your self deprecation is a more interesting topic and should be explored at length.

I'd try and do one blog post a week for years. Whether they were interesting or funny didn't really matter to me, as it was my 'name', I'd made it up, and if you Google it, you'll find everything else I've ever written, if you can be bothered.

At my tender years (72), I enjoy reading blogs, and prefer them to the awful BBC, and most of the MSM, but the headlines are enough, not the colour of blasted Harry's pants sort of stuff.

Now, the self-imposed pressure for one-a-week is off the cards, and I still enjoy the banter here, and in other places of course.

So, sweat and fret ye not DD! You're required reading!

Duffers there is nothing wrong and lots right with commentary on current affairs from the lower deck [or whatever takes its place for Brown Jobs]. Pithy, down to earth and with no regard for political correctness is always the way to go.

If I wanted to read waffle confirming whichever standpoint said paper supported I'd read one of our daily rags.

Apart from the cartoons they are hardly worth the effort.

I am embarrassed! By and large, I don't 'do' introversion on this blog - or anywhere else, really! If I ever thought about it I would rely on my standard, neutral response - I am what I am! However, your kind responses above indicate that my post above was taken as a sort of plea for support. It really wasn't meant to be that. It was more a case of grumpy self-awareness and for the life of me I don't know why I wrote it - except, of course, as y'all do know (the hard way!), writing is my safety valve.

Anyway, enough of all that introspection, from now on I will return to my usual 'Grump Mode Factor 10'!

David, you should have joined the Navy:

David I know I know you asking me a few years back (2009?) whether, using "my pull" I could find a picture of that time you came over here on a mission to instruct our US Airborne to get outta airplanes in, as I remember you telling me the "Right Proper Good Order!" and if I failed to do so within a decade or so your were sure to get "A bad case of ennui?"

Sorry about my being the wee bit late David it's just that I was unable to confirm a positive ID - you'll be having Barney to thank for that.

Thanks, JK, but I wouldn't dare tell the US Airborne how to do anything. In my case, I was usually more than happy to get out of the damned door because the 'weapon-carrier' hooked to my harness and stuffed full of all my kit, rations AND a bloody radio, weighed a ton! Excellent picture, though!

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