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Thursday, 08 August 2019


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This comment works on this thread too:
"With the global Left it is rarely about this issue-climate- or any other single issue. It is always about the "revolution". Total political and cultural war, with them winning."

Identity politics is their last resort and the Dems should not be surprised when the rest of society decides that it too will sign up for "identities".

All it took was a 'Trump' figure to appear and the left has completely outed itself with its media and Hollywood enablers to boot. By the way, this Left wants our guns too. Total political war. Molon Labe, comrades.

Probably onto something there David, long ago the Democrats set the US aflame by firing onto Fort Sumter - now they've cut visiting.

Have you noticed David the uptick the Left's using now "Trump's responsible for the mass shootings!" neatly correlates to Mueller's not getting the job done?


Wonder Whitewall if the only reason the cartoon's jackass isn't feeding just one more 'ticket' into the machine stamped "Gilroy" (the garlic festival in California) is because that shooter turned out to be Iranian?

JK, I hadn't thought about that. Could be.
Hollywood likes violent fantasy though. Young disaffected middle class males pick up on these non stop narratives:

Whitewall, I always thought the Holywood so called left liberals were actually just acting this part and keeping their audience on board as they rake in the dosh. In reality if the left were in power the actors would be non existent. I am biased and old Clint Eastwood is my favourite. Hererrum up Rawhide.

Nah Jimmy, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".

The story of laissez-faire capitalism and Liberty, told through three people metaphors in the Wild West acting out the natural split of humanity.

In the end the Good guy wins. No sloppy dreaminess though. The Ugly, metaphor for those with reasoned self-interest, like the white on the roulette table, tips the balance in favour of the Good.

How it is.


Jimmy, speaking of Clint, did you see the "Dirty Harry" series from back in the 1970s? Issues then are issues now only worse.

Whitewall, I did watch the Dirty Harry series and enjoyed it. I really enjoyed Eli Wallace in the Good Bad and the Ugly. An excellent spaghetti Western.

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