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Tuesday, 06 August 2019


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When I said the other day that I was afraid to comment because "grump mode" might still be in effect....well, this Spec USA article says better than anything I was about to write.

For all this, the ruling elites can't allow Trump and his allies abroad to succeed.

Whitewall, it was the people of Northern Ireland who wanted to remain in the UK when partition happened and took to arms. The British Government wanted to rid themselves of Ireland. It is not true to say the British deliberately carved up Ireland. The people actually did it. In retrospect it was a good thing because the Catholic Church became a dominant force in the ROI and would probably still be carrying out their abuse. It was actually the Northern Ireland police that set the ball rolling in the exposure.

If Trump is the best PM you've ever had, you are doomed.

Read more carefully, Bob, the heading was:

"Donald Trump is the best prime minister Britain NEVER had"

That article combines extreme bollocks with good stuff in almost equal proportions, astonishing.

Agree wholeheartedly with analysis that Blighty's elite, establishment, Westminster call it what you will, has been rubbish since about 1900. 1945 is my preferred start point, but 1900 was roundabout the start of the rot.

As for Blighty being thankful to the Don, Jeez. The Don doesn't give a flying fart about Blighty and the remnants of her empire, except for the very rich pickings he can extract from all of it with mercantilist deals and powerplay.

Already the Don has said "No Deal with the US if Blighty taxes the tech companies". Makes Brussels seem tame in comparison! No rules based system waiting for us over the pond, just "bend over John Bull and take one from the Don or he'll drop you like a stone".

And even a change of administration in the US is just as bad: No Deal with the US if it means a border with Ireland, say the Dems.

The rapidly dawning conclusion for Blighty's future outside of the EU is a full-on "Singapore of the North Atlantic" and a whopping great v-sign West and East.

Zero tariffs, make Blighty one big Freeport, let the pound float (almost certainly down, which will piss off the Don big time - good), cut military spending in half (which will make the Euros poop their pants and piss off the Don even more), and cosy up to China and Russia so they don't pick on us. Why would they want to hassle the very place their I'll gotten gains are all warehoused and bank vaulted anyway?

The erratic, unreliable, unstable US makes friendship impossible, and the exact opposite embodied in the rules based system of the EU paradoxically does likewise (unless you Remain in it).

Let's do what JK's great linked article described the Muslim world doing with China in regard to China's oppression of the Muslim minorities: hold our noses and hold hands with the Rooskies and Chinks.

If we insist on saying screw you to the EU (foolish, but hey ho), then screw America too.

Harrow, Ivan.


Loz, Screw the EU.

Just saw this elsewhere: Mark Steyn on Boris Johnson, “Bertie Wooster with Jeeves’ brain.”

"hold our noses and hold hands with the Rooskies and Chinks." While holding your collective hands, the Chinks and Rooskies will bend you over and give you a double colonoscopy.

"If we insist on saying screw you to the EU (foolish, but hey ho), then screw America too."

Or, as I like to put it, no more French wars and no more American wars.

Where to start?
The only way to prevent violence between Israel and the Muslims, given Muslim attitudes to non Muslims was to keep the Jews out of there. By the end of the mandate the die was cast. No point sticking around to be shot by both sides.
The only way of preventing violence on the subcontinent given the Muslim attitude to non-Muslims and polytheists especially, was to expel the Muslims. Impossible of course. Nothing could be gained by sticking around getting shot by both sides.
As for favouring Pakistan against India, a Soviet ally, well there's a no brain explanation for that.
As to the Irish nationalists what was the alternative? Massacre them? Allow them to rule others who didn't want to be ruled by them? Force our allies out of the island at gun point? There were neither easy nor pleasant options available.
If the IRA did indeed seek terms on the orders of the US President one must presume it opened its campaign on US Presidential orders. I think it more likely that a drying up of external support and it's complete penetration by British intelligence persuaded it to give up.
Not to defend sir Humphrey, he could have given up his public posturing and recognised reality far earlier.
Britain joined the EEC as an antidote to the decades of decline and depression that was actually caused by 25 years of socialism. It didn't help. Only when socialism started to get rolled back did the economy start to recover.
As to pandering for oil- well we could hardly take it. The US has for many decades underwritten the external security of Saudi in return for oil. It's what grown ups have to do if they need something they haven't got.
Eire's future in the EU will certainly not be as a tax haven. The EU won't allow it.
Mr Trump appears to be an enthusiast for a trade deal. Great for Britain, good for America. And therefore extremely welcome. It appears he is helpful in other ways, such as assistance with naval escort.
If Mr. Trump wants a tower or hotel in London he has always been free to build one. I note he didn't bother whilst his friend was Mayor, so I assume he doesn't want one.
As to the empty plinth, let's wait till the pudding has been eaten- say 2025.

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