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Saturday, 24 August 2019


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France and Germany. Two people that think, reason and act much differently. Even those living here for decades or centuries are somewhat different as well.

By George and all the Saints, what a corker! ...


Ahoy David!

As you've stated many times and oft' David, "Saying so and proving so are two different things."

Er David, you have haven't you, said at least something like "Saying and proving are different" or at least, something like that?

Or maybe it was Bob said that. It does rather sound more like Bob now that I think onit.

I guess I could get into the archives but, just this once I think I'll have myself a bunch of corn popped up for The Sunday Rumble! That will be on tomorrow's Rumble won't it David?

Belay David belay.

It appears that to get 'Courts Information' from the Canadian Courts it takes a $350.00 sum being paid.

But then it gets plumb weird. (I'm at this point only in touch with the Canadian version of 'lower courts attorneys' who are trying to get me in touch with somebody "with the documentation" verifying the somebody can practice at the Canadian equivalent of our [US] Appeals and Supreme levels which ain't happened yet.) But the preceding parenthetical ain't the weird bit. The weird bit is paying the fee merely gets one a one-time view of a not copyable, not downloadable, read-only document and once the browser is closed "POOF" the paid for document disappears and the only way to get it back is to pay another $350.00.

I sure as hell hope Trump now he's lost buying Greenland he don't take a notion to try buying Canada - Dealing with those folks is harder'n who slapped John. Expensiver too.

I expect the best way to figure out (besides the Michael Mann feller's tweet on which by his saying, "I have the absolute right to appeal" it can be inferred he did lose) but anyway I suppose the best way to verify what's purported on my above provided link is to check in from time to time on WUWT.

Sorry if I excited anybody prematurely.

Given that Germany is destroying its manufacturing base through green mania, and has already destroyed its military, the problem will go away on its own. Germany is no longer greater Prussia.
BTW I am delighted that Ursula Van De Lyan is taking over as EU President. I have every faith she will do for the EU what she did for the German military.

Thanks, JK, I did pick up the news concerning Mann's defeat, now all I am hoping for is that I live long enough to enjoy Mark Steyn's victory!

Pat, yes, you are right to say that Germany is no longer a strong military power but after 150 years of almost non-stop (losing) warfare they have learned that 'he who controls the purse strings, controls the game' - as Greece found out the hard way and Italy will do the same shortly!

David, am I understanding correctly that the $Billions the EU is extorting GB to pay on [Br]exit is considered, more or less, as a "fee for service"?

Well looks like your Boris has some middling acquaintance with US Sailors Speak whilst visiting foreign ports, "No playee no payee!"

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