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Saturday, 31 August 2019


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Even more of a worry than German rule is EU depression and disintegration. Germany is in recession territory and cannot recover without abandoning its green obsession. The incoming President wrecked the last organisation she led. The incoming leader of the European bank has left a trail of financial disaster wherever she has been. Under these circumstances the end of the Euro and the EU will likely be soon, and won't be fun.
We need to avoid being dragged down with the ship.

The essence of schadenfreude is enjoying the other's distress without experiencing it oneself.

Seen on Facebook:
BRENDAN O’NEILL ON FACEBOOK: “Love being called a fascist by people who want to overthrow the largest act of democracy in UK history, who cheer the imprisonment of people who say offensive things, and who welcome the deaths of elderly people on the basis that they are politically backward and therefore surplus to requirements.”

Indeed decnine, getting out is for safety's sake. After that the popcorn.

I almost wish it is as bad in the way you say it is David, being Brexit I'm meaning the meeja is bombarding us with over here.

Instead it's wall-to-wall hurricane Dorian news. And of course, the "climate crisis."

"Climate crisis"? What climate crisis? Oh, you mean the one invented by that nice Mr. Michael E. Mann!

It has been the influx of the 'kiddie-winkies' onto the voting registers, those who were barely out of nappies back then but are now honking, hooting, ill-educated yobs and yobettes with barely a grain of historical knowledge or appreciation of their own country.

Anyone in mind when you gushed that one out?!

The reason you "went about your business" was because you lost by a resounding 64 to 36 and it was the only way for the country to avoid the collapse of the country and a Marxist revolution.

But it didn't stop you lying through your teeth through the rightwing Meeja for 45 years culminating in a campaign of unadulterated lies in the 2nd referendum campaign, refusing traditional British compromise by eschewing May's deal, and exploiting a dodgy albeit constitutional maneouvre to allow the PM of a one party state to steamroller a minority decision on the rest of us.

You're not the only one muttering "There may be troubles ahead". And if you think the 31st is the chequered flag you really do need your bumps felt!


Permanent crisis suits Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks ...

Without permanent crisis Dad's Army would be disbanded and revolutionary politics ignored.

None of the authoritarians want a return to the "steady as she goes" days before 23/6/16: 3.2% growth, deficit dropping like a stone, strong pound, high levels of investment.

Chequered flag on 31st October, hahaha!


I find it all rather amusing.

Here's one to break the monotony: breast-baring lesbian pirates of the Caribbean, courtesy of Auntie ...


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