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Friday, 30 August 2019


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Stirring words alright! Kind of makes it hard to hold steady my trembling cup of coffee. I'm glad it's not a sword.

Is there a Guinness book of records category for the longest held case of butthurt?

The French museum at Waterloo takes the same approach. Napoleon won.

It must be a European thing, there's plenty of folk including quite close to home (ahem) who seem to think remain won the Great Referendum...

And what about Dunkirk (oops)...Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that history book...

I always get a bit frightened when I see a French bird with a pair of scissors; dunno why, but it seems to mean something over there...

As Churchill said Generalisimo De Gaulle hated the fact that the British came to help.

What a load of clichéd old Dad's Army bollocks.

And you call me boring!?

I need at least 6 comments for any one of yours coz I'm outnumbered 6 to 1.


Love that piece from Henry 5, especially delivered by Kenneth Branagh.

Loz, you outnumber yourself assistance is not required. Now get the cold steel up ye ya fuzzie wuzzie.

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