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Saturday, 17 August 2019


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2016 was the flight 93 election. A bit long but dead on.

2020 will be the same.

Just my 2¢ opinion but I reckon all this media talk is mostly of a piece alongside the NYT's diktat to switch from Russia to Racism.

A better explanation might be hazarded out of Beijing's "thinking" Hong Kong.

The banks and a great many insanely wealthy individuals like the soft socialism of the democrat party. If they can engineer a recession before 2020, they will do so. It will be "unexpected" and severe, and unexplainable, and will put the Democrats in the driver;s seat again. It happened in 2006 to 2008, and it will happen again. The Left would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. I'd love to be wrong, but I am not buying a house until after the election.

All brought into being by your X in the box 23rd June 2016 and by the Yanks on November 8th 2016.

I'm guessing this is the way the neo-fascists hope Blighty will go, hopefully for them more successful this time: the failed coup plot in 1975 that capped off the 30 year decline and fall of Blighty after ex-empire authoritarians returned home demanding the God given right to "take back control" ...

Combined with "Marx given rights" lefties, the original "Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks" almost destroyed Blighty - until Margaret Thatcher saved the day by driving Blighty firmly to the heart of the nascent EU and and Single Market.

Your attempt to cloak the coming chaos and destruction of your own making, both in the US and UK, with a bullshit third cause finance story is see-through.

Welcome to your bed, sleep well.


SoD, the sight of you emulating a Victorian lady by standing on a stool clutching your skirts with one hand and a bottle of smelling salts in the other whilst a wee Brexit mouse scampers round, is hilarious!

Man up!

Everyone talks about Trump being a shoe in for what he has done. However he is alienating his base with his 2A clamp down. 2A is loved by democrats who will never vote for him and hated by republicans who did. Many now won't and it wasn't like he had a big lead in the election. Several states were borderline and if people don't turn up he is toast there.

Sorry, m'Lud, "2A"?

Second Amendment.


Economists predicted nine out of the last three recessions. However they failed to predict 2008.
There is a.reason economics are described as the dismal science.

I expect all the talk (by politicos) surrounding the 2nd is just that - talk.

Rather like Wall-Talk.

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