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Thursday, 29 August 2019


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Warmies probably don't appreciate the irony but the owners of said yacht have to fly two crew members to the US to bring it back to Europe. Net gain for the environment - zero.

And then there is the yacht itself constructed of mainly carbon and other exotic materials which in the production make jet exhaust look benign.

Go home Miss Thunberg and get help.

But we all know the solution to global warming and have been applying it for decades.
So long as there are regular get togethers for the great and good, with first class air travel, in luxury resorts, with loads of champagne the climate will remain stable, despite rising CO² concentrations. Stop the meetings and we'll all fry!
All the other stuff? Well they need something to talk about over the canapes.

Surely the only carbon neutral way for Miss Thunberg to return home is to swim.

She can probably walk on water.

Only Loz our Saviour can walk on water and save the British from their stupidity on leaving the EU. Always look on the bright side of life!

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