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Thursday, 15 August 2019


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Encouraging! A sense of purpose and discipline will be needed for an air and ground campaign to free Britain from the EU. No tolerance for "junior officers" meeting with saboteurs behind trees on the battlefield.

Yes, it's good, isn't it? Whatever the outcome, it's a real tonic to know that some people are not prepared to drift and take the easy option (which is, in this case, doing what the EU tells us...).

Again, I put this change down to Farage. The Tories know that they are finished if they don't get this done by 31st. October, and they only know this because they have been given a very bad scare by the Brexit Party.

I worry about Cummings health though. According to Peston he was due a major operation which he has put off till November. Wouldn't want him to be the R.B.Mitchel of Brexit.

Sorry, Pat, "R.B.Mitchel" . . .?

Don't get too cheery, an enormous, dribbly-full bladder is heading toward your fireworks.


Surely SoD you're not having in mind another Peterloo?

Though I do note today's the 200th anniversary.

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