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Sunday, 25 August 2019


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Here's a good reference link ref Eco-Fascism ...

The self-same folks who kiddy-fiddle African kids, traffic them to their homes in the West, like assorted slebs and royals, support vast racist positive discrimination and public money spent on black slavery museums, also refuse to let Africa develop with fossil-fuel powered elecrity, thereby by gassing them to death in their own homes as they use open-fire log burners to cook. 600,000 excess respiratory disease deaths per annum in Africa due to 70% of the population being off-grid on account of the Melons. That doesn't include those others who die due to underdevelopment of the continent, like those who perish seeking a better life elsewhere.

I hope those Eco-Fascists like Michael Mann and Greta Thunberg all end up in court with suitable punishments for gassing to death 6 million in the last decade.

Maybe hold the trials in Nuremberg?


Sounds like "hockey stick's" media cheer leaders left him quickly.

China should have been confronted like this decades ago. Doing so is necessary even this late in the game. Western capitalists won the debate about opening up China and all will work out. What they didn't figure on was the very long period of time it would take for "all to work out". The totalitarian power that rules China will not let go anytime soon. Even if they have to shoot their own people dead in the streets.

Concerning China and Trump's ongoing ability to spread FUD within China:

In which I find myself in the unusual position of agreeing with SoD.

WF you got there first dammit!
Except that its not indoor log burning but indoor dung burning.

re:- Globule worming, this post found elsewhere seems pretty well constructed.

(Apols if you've seen it elsewhere, I don't get out much...)!

You could say the last post was by Scrobs if you like..:0(


We all join you wn wishing Justice Ginsberg a long and happy retirement.

President Trumps Short list from which Justice Kavanaugh was chosen included three lady judges. All of whom you would surely prefix with "My Darling."

I would bet that one on them will be chosen to replace Justice Ginsberg, and she will be the justice who authors the decision overturning "Roe v Wade."

And you'll never hear anyone applauding the benefits of climate change. Here's an example, my hand next to Fluffbun's Mum's tomato, grown with zero chemicals and anything else, the biggest one she's ever harvested in her 70 years on the planet, youjust seeds dropped on the ground in Czech Republic ...!An0TAR5hO_KkjYlXy_o0UKn9sY7NpQ

Not sure if the link works, as you can see from my empty Slivovice glasses, I'm not going to try and find out just now! ...


That's the most current state I've been made aware of that's "reliably publicly sourced."

Too I have been made aware of an official site where I can view what's been released from that nation's courts for a more reasonable price - 6 bucks - however until Mr. M.W. Mann allows (or carries through on) his thirty days of the appeal period to pass filing (or not) said appeal, all the available documentation states is "Case dismissed for lack of Courts ordered evidence not provided."

Now me being me and Barney being Barney, I consider my six bucks better spent paying for the economy-sized Barney's Finest in Grade #2™ which ought get me trough the three weeks and some days that'll need pass before the full exposition is published.

I closed my italics dammit.

Mayhaps the Internet Gods come down on me so unmercifully a'cause I left out the first 'h' in through. Or maybe it was because I had the temerity to put Mann's middle initial in which most folks being ignorant of his even having a middle name which, in my opinion, his parents recognized the appropriateness of pre-natal.

The 'W' spelled out being Weasel.

Sorry, JK, I can only give you 'E' for Effort - again! Not to worry, I have done it for you. Go easy on Barney's 'Grade #2"!

SoD, that is no tomato, it's a bloody pumpkin! (And take it easy on the slivovitz, it's nearly as lethal as Barney's Grade #2!)

As to global warming, one question to be addressed is how do we stop the Chinese especially raising their CO² emissions? They are increasing every year by more than our current annual total. They've heard everything the IPCC has to say, and not only do they fail to act, but they forecast cooling.
The inevitable conclusion is that to stop Chinese CO² emissions we need to defeat China. I'm sure that the Greens would sign up immediately, after all they're prepared to chain themselves to railings.
And failing all else perhaps the resultant nuclear winter will counteract global warming anyway.

Sounds amiable enough.

Whitewall, China has been exterminating its popution for centuries. Since Mao and the great move forward they have been fertilising the earth with millions of humans. Adolf was honest about Jews and the disabled, China kills anyone whether they are for or against the present party thinking. They have to be opposed.

Re Martha's Vineyard - well, there goes the neighbourhood (somebody had to say it).

Jack, you are, of course, a very naughty boy - but you made me chuckle, so that's alright then!

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