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Monday, 05 August 2019


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One major difference between Hong Kong and Tiananmin is the knowledge of what is at stake by the demonstrators. Hong Kong knows what liberty is all about. They know the freedom of capitalism and democracy. This is powerful knowledge, the kind the Tiananmin people only imagined. The Chinese communist party knows it too and they fear knowledge. Rightly so.

"It is not for me to encourage the democracy activists in Hong Kong because I fear it is only a matter of time before the massed ranks of the Chinese army march in and see if they can, er, execute another Tiananmen Square manoeuvre!"

It's just as well you don't David because, as you can plainly see, the Muslim nations "Love 'em some Xi-Ping-a-Ling"!

Spot on JK.

The Don's got a way to go before he can do a "Xi Ping-a-Ling" and get carrot and stick in full motion. Funny, they loved us once we'd kicked the shit out of them too, and got the empire going to mutual benefit. Only when we loosened our grip did they go for our throats.

Bit like the US, really. When in Boston visiting the museums and listening to a sombre audio / video history thingy about the massacre, knowing that peeps had heard my Brit accent while boring Fluffbun to death with a comparison of the Charleville musket and the Brown Bess and such like, and being somewhat au fait with the effect of a regiment of Red Coats unleashing at "whites of their eyes" range, I cringed as the narrative tracked like a heat seeking missile towards the inevitable death toll. When it was announced that 7 people had been killed (or in that region) I burst out laughing and blurted out "What! They must have aimed off!". I mean, more people died in the second massacre by a lunatic on the same bloody day yesterday, and nothing changes. And yet for less an empire is lost.

And there's the rub: Aim off and it's game over for you, Mr Emperor.


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