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Monday, 05 August 2019


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I strongly, strongly urge you to sign up for Audible (now an Amazon company) and buy the audio book of Anne Frank's diary narrated by Helena Bonham-Carter.

Even if you've read it already, there is something so much more, beyond description, in hearing a beautiful woman's voice tell that story. I'm ashamed to say I'd not read it before, but pleased also because the details of the story were entirely new to me.

I listened to it at night while Fluffbun snoozed, and in the final session went all through the night and threw a sickie the next day.

It's one of those where you're not the same afterwards, you're right.


No, Lawrence, I haven't read any of her diary except the occasional quote which comes up. That is deliberate on my part because I simply could not bear to do so. Even looking at that photo above brings the anguish full on.

Life's a bitch - then you hear 'Rach 2' and change your mind - sort of!

My wife has the diary and we have visited the house in Amsterdam. Jews will continue to be attacked in the EU and that is why Israel is a necessary escape homeland. I doubt the Jews could escape to a Corbyn led Momentum UK.

Jimmy there are a lot of people who would disagree with you re Israel.

A friend of my father used to look skyward when exasperated, hold his arms out and mutter, "Lord I know we are the chosen people but could you pick on someone else for a while".

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