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Thursday, 19 September 2019


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Yes, this one's delicious for all sorts of reasons. Everyone knows that fancy dress is utterly harmless, and that pretending otherwise is just using bullshit as a political weapon. But Justin can't claim that, because he's been wielding the weapon more enthusiastically than most.

It's not just an error - there are photos of three separate occasions. Now it might be expected that a chap could be caught out by something in his past. A drunken jape or a single lapse is forgiveable. But being such an enthusiastic "repeat offender" raises the question of whether he actually has some kind of mental kink about black people. Maybe the whole political act was a desperate psychological strategy to keep the lid on his own racist attitudes and all the feelings of shame that had to be repressed.

Oh, and another thing. If you look at the picture of him with his teaching colleagues, in blackface, his hands are all over one of the women. If Trump had done that, there would be an explosion of #MeToo outrage.

We only need some frat-boy speech with some derogatory terms for gays, and we'll be nearing a Grand Slam.

Isn't he the bozo who on a recent visit to India dressed in the local attire?

Google justin trudeau in indian garb for a laugh

He is such a colorful fellow. #whitemanspeakwithmanyfaces.

Truly, there are more important things going on. This should have been a 5 minute "scandal".
Get over yourselves.

trudeau makes Cameron look like a towering statesman in comparison.

I am confessing that as a child I would watch the Billy Cotton Band Show on the Telly and particularly enjoyed the segment of the black and white minstrels. In my defense, our tv was black and white (on both channels).

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