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Thursday, 12 September 2019


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According to WiKipedia, "Gladstone was known affectionately by his supporters as "The People's William" or the "G.O.M." ("Grand Old Man", or, according to his political rival Benjamin Disraeli, "God's Only Mistake").[3] Historians often call him one of Britain's greatest leaders".

His photo would make Queen Victoria look giddy.

All I know of Disraeli is, he inspired some rockers. Three as distinctly recall.

Well maybe four.

Actually, Whiters, I am not sure dear 'Vicky' would have been quite so giddy if she had known that he was a constant, indeed, obsessive user of prostitutes! They don't make humbug like that any more!

They don't make humbug like that any more!

You what?

Aaah, now we know what you're up to, Gaffer! Trying to find some epoch of history where the pols were actually worse than they are today so as to be able to say to yourself, "Well, maybe it's not so bad, they were worse in Victorian Blighty" and thereby maybe bring yourself back from deep depression!

Good luck with that one. If it fails I recommend you try Prozac, works a treat!


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