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Saturday, 21 September 2019


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David, apparanty the radio coms were not working. The British Legion are trying to contact veterans but most of them must have passed away.

Churchill reportedly said of Montgomery “ in defeat, unbeatable” “ In victory unbearable”
I think he was in the latter mode in the run-up to Arnhem.

You're right, Jimmy, the coms were bad but the main faults were of a much higher nature.

Ignoring the existence of 2x SS Panzer divisions outside Arnhem and going ahead with the plan anyway is wot done for it.

If they hadn't been there the plan would have worked. 1st airborne would have hung on long enough for XXX Corps to reach them.


Baskeyfield was in charge of two 6 pounder anti–tank guns defending a T junction on the Benedendorpsweg, the southernmost road between Arnhem and Oosterbeek. Baskeyfield's guns faced up the Acacialaan, which joined the Benedendorpsweg from the north, and covered the likely enemy approach along this road and from open ground to the north east. His right flank – to the east – was covered by another anti-tank gun commanded by Lance-Sergeant Mansell.

In an initial German assault, Baskeyfield and his gun crews destroyed two tanks and a self-propelled gun as they advanced down the Acacialaan. Baskeyfield allowed the armour to come within 100 yards of his positions before ordering his crews to fire, while paratroopers of the 11th Battalion in nearby houses dealt with attacking infantry. In the course of this action, Baskeyfield's crew was killed or wounded and Baskeyfield himself was badly injured. However he refused to be evacuated and in a later German attack he worked his gun alone, loading, laying and firing it himself. He fired round after round until enemy fire put his gun out of action, and crawled to the second gun, whose crew had similarly been disabled. From here he engaged another self-propelled gun, dispatching it with two rounds, but was killed shortly afterwards by fire from another German tank.



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