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Tuesday, 03 September 2019


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"Sipowicz points to a group of young black guys standing on a corner." That according to the race industry would be called 'profiling'.

By the way, NYPD Blue was a good series to watch. It was rough at times. Kind of like a big city version of "Justified".

Actually, IMHO that view is one being promoted by the fake news media and parroted around the globe.

The reality is a tiny, minuscule, minority of so called liberals (aka Communists) promote this image with the full throated amplification of their useful idiots (aka MSM - main stream media for you across the pond) and the acolytes in Hollywood (extensive overlap).

The reality on the ground, outside of maybe 7 cities which have concentrated leftism imbued in their existence, is that a "silent constitutional majority" which most of us really are, even though tagged as "basket of deplorables" by a certain (thankfully) not president, will exhibit surprising levels of "resistance" to any such plan for converting this nation into das neue Venezuela.

We shall find out who lives in the real world and who is down the rabbit hole.

Again IMHO, DJT in a 45 state landslide is probable.

"DJT in a 45 state landslide is probable"

Blimey, Terrapod, that's a brave prediction. Given all sorts of horrid alternatives, I hope you're right!

I have to admit your own political choices, scrambled as they are with multiple small(ish) parties, still appear to be either "go totally left" or go sort of middle of the road.

Not sure I would classify Boris as "right wing" by any stretch, but he does appears to have the best interest of the populace in mind with Brexit. Corbin as PM would give me a cold sweat.

Who in their right mind would want unelected, unaccountable overlords in Brussels?

Oh! I may have answered my own query, the "right mind" bit.

We watch UK politics with equal fascination as I am sure, you observe ours (as filtered by the media). Funny that we get better U.S. news reporting from some UK tabloids and our own and Canadian pundits, than from U.S. press.

Maledictus civilibus

"Who in their right mind would want unelected, unaccountable overlords in Brussels?"

Terrapod, you might like to ask my son (aka SoD) that question!

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