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Friday, 06 September 2019


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Might find that of interest David.

Bomb load was about 2000kg. The figure they're quoting in excess of 10000kg is the max take off weight. Innumerate journos. One reason so few survive is that the glue didn't age well.

My mum used to make them at the de Havilland factory. She left school to work for an agricultural seed company, then moved to de Havilland when the war started and she was 19. Her job was very lowly; she had to collect long metal pipes from the stores, and separate them out into different categories ready for assembly. They were all tangled up, so the work was boring and frustrating.

Still, she did her bit, and who knows how the war would have ended if those metal pipes had stayed tangled...

JK, thanks for that - time for bed now but that will make for a good read over the weekend!

'Obbie', thanks for that - fancy flying an aircraft glued together with dodgy glue!

Well, 'Whyaxe' we also serve who only untangle pipes! Good for her!

Whyaxye, when people say ww2 was won by a war effort, it truly meant on the home front and abroad.

Precision bombing

Good find AD. Thanks

That was a great film, AussieD, thanks.

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