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Friday, 20 September 2019


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I need to go and lie down for a while after reading your summary. How anyone can support the Remoaner POV is beyond me.

Cameron met the EUropean enemy and found them...perplexing?

Now he seems to have changed his mind (or what passes for his mind) and is saying that we need to honour the result of the referendum. Only last week he was calling for a second referendum.

Some professionals in politics or psychology might want to read a book by one of the dumbest politicians to ever draw breath, but why would anyone else?

Bob, dumb people would waste their money on his book. The dumb people were remainers who want my country to be run by other countries.

So Dave met a political system that was better than him and his own nation state's system. A system that defeated him every time, ran like a well oiled machine, got done what needed to be done.

And all those doings came down to the 500 million people of the third estate for their benefit. Rules and regulations that took them from the rubble of WW2 to previously unknown levels of liberty and prosperity.

Each and every criticism he levels is actually an admiration. An admission that the EU is better at politics than Blighty's own handbag-less main man sat, as he was, atop a heap of pols whose only "achievements" were in the category of a fox-hunting ban, gay marriage, and safe spaces at uni while the NHS routinely starved and dehydrated 10,000 vulnerable people to death per annum, Social Services handed over 1300 white girls to Muslim rape gangs for use as masturbation toys, and state education churned out a generation of unemployables that business spurned in favour of Mr Frantisek's now out of his blue uniform and a demonstrably smarter and harder worker.

Dave's not alone. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Hungary and Germany all ran into the brick wall of this better functioning power also, thereby learning their own failings while being helped out of the damaging consequences.

All of these nation states fked up in the ways known to us over the last dacade ...

- Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland:. Fiscal and financial incontinence
- Poland, Hungary: Counter- separation of powers polity
- Germany: Throwing open the gates of Vienna, "We can manage"

And the European RoboCop stepped out of the broom cupboard, pooper-scooper in hand, and cleared up the messes.

It's fashionable to hate the police, but if you can't look after yourself try imagining blithering around in a world of Trump, Putin, and Ping-a-Ling on your own with Dave or now Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks having "taken back control".

And that's where Nelson and you don't get it. You imagine that you are somehow personally the PM, the we-we-we - we can do this, we can do that, if we take back control - is somehow you. You are not the PM! You are an individual in the third estate. Even if you'd voted in the exact opposite direction in every election at the national (2nd estate) or European (1st estate) level it wouldn't have changed one iota of a thing in your life or anyone else's life at all.

So why hope that one or other of these remote and authoritarian powers would have sole stewardship of your life? And more so, why hope that the self-acknowledged worst of the two should have sole stewardship of your life?!

Instead, why not observe that when the two powers of the first and second estate compete for your control they smash into each other, reveal their failings, and weaken their authoritarianism. For example, RoboCop himself, although on an upswing at the moment as demonstrated by the above list of nation state cock-ups, also had a failing in the 90's when the whole executive in Brussels had to resign due to corruption and malfeasance sniffed out by the nation states.

The European confederacy has been a miracle for I-I-I the third estarer for 45 years: a self-correcting mechanism that shakes out the wrong doings of the 1st and 2nd estate and keeps me safe.

You might hate the police, but you gotta love RoboCop and his 28 deputies.

And I do. All of them, blue uniforms and all.



All I can say is just look at the history of those who have just been selected in the highest positions in the organisation. They make our politicians look honest and trustworthy.

Might not be able to stomach Call Me Dave's without proper preparation David, but with proper preparation - maybe!


The opening sounds promising.

Jeez this blind spot in you guys is extraordinary ...

Spends the whole article telling us that Blighty's past pols were far worse than today's incompetent, negligent and abusive bunch, citing the endless stream of cock-ups and cataclysms since around 1850, then rounds off with this ...

the Brexiters will be saying to the Remainers: ‘There, there – what was all that fuss about?'

How is that possible if the incompetent, negligent and abusive bunch he's just spent the article dissing for the last 169 years have "taken back control"?!


With Italy’s Salvini out of office, the EU is wasting no time in steamrolling its open borders agenda. Europe continues to kill itself. Europe is being run by a cabal of bad people who want to seem virtuous.

'Calm down, dear', at least our nincompoops managed to avoid starting two world wars!

“Jeez this blind spot in you guys is extraordinary”. Pot-Kettle. You liken the EU leaders to robocop and yet the nominee for Justice Commissioner is being investigated for corruption and the person appointed to lead the European Bank has been found guilty of financial negligence while in a similar but lower position. Someone has a blind spot and it’s not us.

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