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Saturday, 14 September 2019


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"...this is America where 'Stars and Stripes' in their multitude flutter at virtually any public occasion, er, except a Democratic party function, apparently. I wonder why..."

Well it's obviously because they are a lot of unpatriotic - nay, America-hating - commies. "Socialists", which you'll be hearing plenty from Dear Leader (ours, I mean), is far too kind a word employed only because of his boundless magnanimity!

The American flag would have triggered the seated audience. And the tv audience. And all but maybe 3 of the "Democratic" candidates. And the debate moderators.

By the way, the article is based on bullshit:

Thank you, Bob, er, but, from *your* link:

"There are no physical flags in the pictures"

"Searching through pages of Getty Images photos from the first debate, we saw none with a physical American flag made of cloth."

And looking at the image of the digital set there was roughly 80% blue background with some faint stars and 20% red, none of which made me think of the American flag! But perhaps the Dems have your brains in a box, Bob, so that you are fully, er, programmed!


A little off subject, bur you like stories about the sh*t of our self appointed betters.

The US flag code makes any likeness of the flag a flag. It's technically illegal to print a likeness of the flag on anything for advertising or sales purposes:

You can't have it both ways. A flag made of LED pixels is still a flag.

As y'all know full well around here Boys and Girls, Bob is, inordinately fond of fact-checking Trump.

So now, there is that.

Bob, do buck your ideas up, man!

"The US flag code makes any likeness of the flag a flag"

The point of that pixelated backdrop was that it was NOT a flag! To usurp the famous words of Monty Python on the subject of a deceased parrot:

'That flag is not a flag! That flag is a non-existent flag! That flag has not only ceased to exist, it never did exist! No serviceman would ever salute that 'flag' - let alone lay down his life for it!'

But of course, Bob, I do understand that you, as a supporter of a Left-wing religious sect, deny the existence of independent 'things', you merely wait
to be told by your own 'Dear Leader' what, in, er, 'reality', they are. So repeat after me:


And anyone who suggests that a flag is a square of cloth on a pole is an enemy of the people!

David and JK,

Imagine the outrage if CBS or the DNC or whoever designed the set had the flag digitally burst into flame at some point. Case closed.

Fire Bob, since you've linked the code you'll be understanding is the correct manner to be ridding yourself of it.

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