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Monday, 23 September 2019


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Next thing you know, in desperation, the Laborites will come for the children. The Left always comes for the children. That is what this sudden hysteria over global climate "crisis" has devolved to. The world is living in unmatched prosperity and Leftist political parties can't stand it. Terrorize the children! The State will solve everything! Just give the global Left more money and power and sit back and behold!

Unfortunately, there will be no general election for a while, thanks to the machinations of the remainers. Labour and the NotNots can be as daft and divided as they like, and they will stay safe from the electorate. The former are Marxist wreckers and the latter are would-be dictators. But they are both happy with the way things are, for the time being. They are reluctant to rely on elections when they can use parliamentary subterfuge, lawfare, and propaganda to get their way

Eventually, 'W', they will pay the price and it will be 'yuuuuuuuuuge'!

Judgement day today!

Book 'im Danno!


Case number three against BoJo limbers into action: trousers down, your wallet emptied ...

“And I can tell you absolutely that everything was done entirely in the proper way.”

So he wore a condom then.


Lefty Brexiteer democracy in action! ...

After a show of hands, Wendy Nichols, chairman of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee, appeared to believe the motion had been carried, meaning defeat for Mr Corbyn. But after a conversation with Ms Formby, one of Mr Corbyn’s closest allies, she announced the vote had been lost.

She told the conference: “Sorry, I thought it was one way and Jennie said something else, so that was lost.” That caused uproar as delegates demanded a card vote – a paper ballot – and one woman stormed on to the stage to say: “We deserve a card vote here. It’s impossible to tell from the floor.” As Ms Nichols appeared to contemplate agreeing, Ms Formby could be overheard telling her: “It is lost… it’s obvious though… lost. Very clearly lost.”

Ms Nichols said: “Whichever way I go with this I’m going to be in trouble with some people. In my view it was carried.” Ms Formby repeated: “No, it was lost.”

With protests growing, Ms Nichols said: “I know, I know, sorry… sorry, listen, I’m getting advi… it was lost. I know you’ll be upset with that. I’m not going to be bullied and shouted and all the rest of it, the decision’s been made.”

If I ever hear Brexiteers accuse 48% of refusing to accept a vote outcome again ...

Every day new lows from the left and right. And you still want sole stewardship of Blighty in the hands of Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks?


Lock 'im up! Lock 'im up!

You're nicked me old sunshine!

It's so nice to see the shit kicked out of the executive not once by the legislative body but twice by the judiciary!

Maybe the old string bag ain't so bad after all?!

Solids from the fan are gonna go every where on this one, oh, gotta lurve it ...!



At least one big relief in the Brexit saga: the rule of law in the UK is alive & kicking. Parliaments should never be silenced in a real democracy.

I never want to hear Boris Johnson or any other Brexiteer say again that the European Union is undemocratic.

Hear, hear, "Baby Thatcher"!


But president of the Supreme Court Lady Hale bust that door down when in her statement, she quoted laws dating back to 1611 stating that "the court held that 'the King (who was then the government) hath no prerogative but that which the law of the land allows him'." With that the government's whole case collapsed.

By George and all the Saints. No matter what happens, we're going to be alright.

I've re-fallen in Love with string bags.



You say “Lefty Brexiteer democracy in action! ...”. Unfortunately, I don’t believe you actually understood what actually happened. It was the lefty remainers who bent democracy beyond recognition in that vote. You really do have the telescope to your blind eye.

Wiggers, eh?

Jezza wanted Labour to back Brexit in that vote, but he lost. The Remainer handcount was greater per the view of the Chairman of the NEC, which would have required Jezza to back Remain. But Jezza's rep stepped in and over-ruled the judgement and then over-ruled a ballot-box vote to resolve it which was proposed by the chairman!

Jezza and Momentum are Brexiteers. They don't want the single market rules and regs and the four freedoms. It hampers their collectivism, nationalisation and authoritarian plans. And they just squashed a democratic vote that went against them in exactly the way they decry Remainers of behaving! Stunning hypocrisy, all captured on TV. At least the Remainers can stand by the superior decision of the election that came after the referendum that hung parliament and demonstrated the peeps had changed their minds. The Lefty Brexiteers didn't even want another vote!


It’s about winning at any cost, the constitution, tradition, and — God forbid — the will of the people be damned.

We’ve spent the last three years or so learning a similar lesson on this side of the pond.

The New York Currant Bun! Is that as fab a read as its UK counterpart? Bet it never had a pair of knockers on page 3 mind?!

However, it's not so abreast of the situation on this one, if you excuse the pun ...

NY Currant Bun: -

So the court is challenging the Queen, even if it shies away from taking her on directly — if it even has the power to overrule a royal assent.

The Law: -

She [Lady Hale] quoted laws dating back to 1611 stating that "the court held that 'the King (who was then the government) hath no prerogative but that which the law of the land allows him'." With that the government's whole case collapsed.

You Yanks were hardly out of diapers in 1611, so you do at least have an excuse for not knowing that the executive is not above the law. But 1776, that green lady in the harbour? Tut, tut.

As Winston Churchill once said, "The further back you look, the further forward you can see".



“At least the Remainers can stand by the superior decision of the election that came after the referendum that hung parliament and demonstrated the peeps had changed their minds.” As I recall, the majority of MPs returned after the Referendum had a promise to Leave on their Manifesto. Greens, SNP and Limp Dums being the largest exceptions, it didn’t go too well for them.


I know polls are notoriously unreliable at the moment but:

I seriously worry about what the result would be of not leaving.

Looks like BoJo's new bromance won't be cut off while he languishes at Her Maj's pleasure - "Porkies? And to me!? Not quite off with your head, but a nice long stretch instead, you imperious Pleb!" - because now the Don will be joining him! ...

The Robocop deputies are busy clearing up the streets!

The next big one for Robo himself is the unilateral acceptance that Boris's letter has been sent, even though not physically received.

Article 50 says a member state can leave, but only if it does so constitutionally. By not sending the letter and allowing No Deal to happen Blighty is leaving unconstitutionally, and more to the point, the EU is aiding and abetting that by not assuming the letter is sent to match the constitutional outcome. Damages for the effects of No Deal would follow from citizens all around the world against the UK and EU if they sponsor an unconstitutional exit.

The EU must assume the letter sent and received to avoid damages. It can still say "no" to an extension until 31st, or "yes", but it must say something to avoid liability for the consequences of an unconstitutional exit.

Can this plot thicken any more?!


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