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Saturday, 14 September 2019


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At the end of each caper, Mr. Magoo would innocently exclaim "Oh Magoo, you've done it again!"

Do people remember this stirring speech from Cameron?

At that moment, you will hold this country’s destiny in your hands. This is a huge decision for our country, perhaps the biggest we will make in our lifetimes. And it will be the final decision. So to those who suggest that a decision in the referendum to leave…would merely produce another stronger renegotiation and then a second referendum in which Britain would stay…I say think again.

And the referendum that follows will be a once in a generation choice. An in or out referendum. When the British people speak, their voice will be respected – not ignored. If we vote to leave, then we will leave. There will not be another renegotiation and another referendum.

Now he's calling for a second referendum. Do you remember the days before the internet, when politicians could sometimes get away with this type of thing?

Pass the sick bag!

We were also guaranteed that there was no intent to form a E.U. defence force, and yet:

Sorry SoD, but we have already been betrayed on defence.

Why would pooling defence capability with the EU be a betrayal, whereas pooling it with NATO not be a betrayal?!

In the times we live in the yanks wouldn't piss on us if we were on fire. They nicked our empire which we could have turned into a single market of our own, and got us hooked on socialism which wrecked the country 1945-1975. Trump is the logical extension and conclusion of that foreign policy with his "I win, you lose" stance. At least Trump is honest and upfront about it!

Times change and we change with them. Why follow through on a position that's out of date and damaging when you can easily check if it's still "The will of the people" by using the very democracy you admire and have another referendum?

And when it comes to upfront and honest and your faux outrage at politicians lying and cheating I urge you to remember your own man who's in charge right now! Maybe ask his ex-wife for a character reference if you're unsure of his public track record?



NATO is a mutual defence agreement, we are not required to provide assistance in anything other than response to aggression (albeit we did). The E.U. military force is not and, as was pointed out in the article, our Forces could be tasked by the EU with preventing our fisherman defending their waters from illegal fishing. Politicians lye, bears use the woods and the Pope is allegedly a Catholic.

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