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Wednesday, 25 September 2019


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What do you do after you lose trust in your institutions? All your institutions? What happens to a civilization when every public institution, everything we are supposed to trust and believe has provably lied to us?

This is happening on both sides of the Atlantic. Institutions no longer trust or fear their respective peoples. In fact, a solution to those pesky people is to replace them. None of this ends well.

"Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty."

'Tis a good and increasingly rare Duff post that shows some restraint and an acknowledgement of more than one side to an issue. Good work, David. The title raised an expectation you'd be throwing in with Dick the Butcher.

Check out today's Parliamentary speech by Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. He lets Parliament have it with both barrels. A real tonic, I promise you.

Found this quite interesting:

Thanks, 'Wiggers', a fascinating article and I URGE EVERYONE TO GIVE IT A READ!

What an embarrassment that linked article is. More contradictions than you could shake a stick at: -

The Prime Minister’s wish to prorogue Parliament (one of the longest-standing in history) was to in turn defend democracy by blocking the sabotage of 415 in favour of 17.4 million citizens. Neither I, you, nor any of these Supreme Court Judges can know what his motives beyond that might have been….let alone whether he misled the Queen or not.

No-one can know what BoJo's motivations were we are told, and yet all of us should know the motivations of the 11 judges as laid out by him in the paragraphs previous to that one. What a tit.

The 415 MP's he calls undemocratic were elected by the British people in accordance with the UK constitution and due process. If people didn't like the Brexit stance of their MP they had the chance to get rid and vote Ukip. But they didn't. The people voted to clip Theresa "No deal is better than a bad deal" May's wings, hang the parliament, and elect 415 Remain MP's. In what way is that undemocratic? And that election happened AFTER the referendum and so has precedence. Double tit.

Just because the will of the people didn't go his way and reversed an earlier decision that he favoured is no reason to call the outcome undemocratic.

The will of the people changes and it's the last one that counts. Get over it. Besides we're going to get another will-call in due course, so stop whinging.


You couldn't make it up ...

Despite the campaign to bring parliament back to discuss Brexit, the Commons adjourned at 5:04pm yesterday and will not sit tomorrow.

How can anyone in their right mind want these utter barrel-scrapings in sole control of the country?


Over in Oostende Belgium visiting the Atlantic Wall. Brexit is all over the EU news. The EU beaurocrats will miss the funding and have to cut back on their flozzies and get some 10 Bob hotels to lay them. Time to leave and trade with Russia and others.


“If people didn't like the Brexit stance of their MP they had the chance to get rid and vote Ukip”. You ignore the fact that both major parties and their candidates had a commitment to respect the result of the Referendum in their manifestos.

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