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Thursday, 19 September 2019


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"Potemkin villages" all the way down. Preserve the State at all costs. Let the people starve if necessary. I hope this ongoing long over due trade war with the Chinks is the start of a major decoupling from Communist China. It would be healthy as well as a blow for global security against communism.

Don't hold your breath waiting for China to fall, David. Despite its dodgy and shifty economic model, aging population and massive debt, it has some advantages. Maybe the biggest is that the US has currently withdrawn from the world in most meaningful ways. China's also still building on its empire of emerging nations by funding business and infrastructure around the world, especially in Africa. They also excel in technology. In fact, I know of a certain European country that just bought a lot of 5G technology from them.

China is also capable of abrupt modernization. Deng Xiaoping's initiatives of the 1970s were largely successful. Just because they don't have a common history or share all Western values doesn't necessarily mean they're doomed.

Hukou sounds like quite a good idea.

We could have two Hukou zones: one for all the country-bumpkins and one for the metros - just like them.

Oh, I forgot, we already have - albeit informal. Unwritten, like the bloody constitution - hahah!

Well, moving rapidly along, let's formalise it with the metro Hukou zone staying in the EU and the country-bumpkin Hukuo zone doing no-deal.

And we see who fares the best in 10 years time. (Yes, I am a gambling man and I am taking bets).

What's not to like?

OK, an internal border in Blighty. But BoJo's planning 6 freeports each one of which will need a border. So Hukou is 5 less borders.

Brexit sorted, ping-a-ling styleee!


What a good idea! The C-B Hukuos stop supplying food. They cut off the water supply to those smart metros. The Army and Navy, manned by the C-Bs shell the metros. The transport links between metros are cut.

Endless fun .

During a tour of China some years ago, I was told the construction programme is such that, as China uses more than 40% of the world's supply of concrete annually, if it carries on as it is then, in less than 50 years, humanity will need to find another planet!
I was also informed that the Chinese don't like to buy properties which have been lived in by strangers, and so they buy houses and keep them empty as they realise higher prices on the housing market when they come to sell them. Very inscrutable.

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