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Sunday, 01 September 2019


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But the "pollies" know better. I mean who really takes democracy seriously when it doesn't fit your own agenda?

Proroguing Parliament is only the first step in getting back the will of the people. If Boris does nothing else he deserves credit for asking HM to do so.

Constitutional Monarchy is a wonderful thing.

Pinch, punch etc...

I usually spend the night before thinking about our premium bonds coming up trumps the next day...

Do they work on Sundays, and if so, would they ring me up to arrange an appointment with an advisor, before we spent it all in Waitrose?

They usually take up to four days, but surely the jackpot winner should at least get a call - it's supposed to be cheaper on a weekend anyway!

I wonder where Dan Hodges will stand if the Government ignores parliament and goes ahead with no-deal in spite of legislation on the statue books demanding an extension, as proposed by Gove? ...

The proroguing is constitutional, but ignoring parliament is breaking the law.

At that point I turn from gobshite to freedom fighter, terrorist, call it what you will.


The American Left is continuing with their Gramscian Damage campaign right through every institution even down to the family and even gender identity. The last presidential election was a "Flight 93" election. The 2020 election will be the same. We have seen the enemy and he is among us in all his "woke" destructiveness.

So the Archie Bishop of Canterbury says, 'WE may not like it'. Was he speaking for God or Loz?

Whitewall, you have to fight dirt with dirt and throw more dirt at the fanatics until it sticks. Another four years of Trump will set them back as it will the EU dictatorship. The EU do not like Trump and he knows it. When we leave the EU they will try every trick in the book to undermine our economy. The Yanks need to stand solidly with us.

Jimmy, "Was he speaking for God or Loz?" There's a difference?

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