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Sunday, 22 September 2019


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The movie pictures of Gunga Din sort of look like Justin Trudeau?

Is it just me or has anyone else had it occur to them the little Thunberg brat bears what I imagine to've been what the adolescent Hillary Clinton resembled?

And so whiney (whingey?).

And her Dad probably.

That is, isn't it, one of those yerbie derble languages scrolling across the bottom of the screen?

The link in Anthony Watt's piece doesn't go to the chart in his piece, and after several searches of the international disaster database, I can't find it. Typical entries in the IDD can be seen here:

Lomborg, the alleged author of the graph isn't an AWG denier.

"His issue is not with the reality of climate change, but rather with the economic and political approaches being taken (or not taken) to meet the challenges of that climate change."

A need to call names on a little girl to make a point is desperate as well as asinine.

So what

So then, Bob, in your opinion is gorgeous Greta right or wrong in her statement?

Oh, and by the way, as far as global warming goes I neither agree nor disagree because global temperatures have always shifted in one direction or another although I strongly suspect that the current increase is being used as 'agitprop' for reasons far removed from climate!

David, a definitive answer isn't possible since "unacceptable" is subjective. Anthony Watt is obviously making a specious argument:

Greta is absolutely right to say that we are seeing a loss of livelihoods. if she encourages (less privileged) kids to truant, they will be incapable of earning a living.

As you say Whyaxye because as we all know 'white kids suffering the same ill effects as do poor kids' deprived such as they are ... yada yada yada and so on.

"7 people have died in 4-day heatwave and there are water shortages in France"

Some *link* there Bob.

Some might even be tempted to remark, specious is as specious does. You reckon Bob in the greater scheme those "7" were all the obits published across "western Europe" those four days?

Something somehow tells me, given our nation's founding stock's genetic profile there were at least a couple dozen saying in whatever their languages happened to be the equivalent of "Hey, hold my beer."

And given the proclivity of that same general stock to climb mountains I wouldn't be surprised if, at least one or two denied Everest owing to the long waiting lines - probably froze to death on either the one mountain I know of in the Alps - Matterhorn? - or whatever mountain pass that 'Utsi' fellow got glaciated in on.

And it occurs (and this will mebbe offend your woke sensitivities Bob but wtf - calling "little girls names" [recall Malcolm mentioning Sacred Objects? You can pretend all you might but another example I might offer would be that Hogg kid who now "is sanctified" sufficiently for your like "to authoritatively speak for" whatever is the current fashion of the next in the long line of stuff your like would have my like denied, legislated, confiscated, called bad names, and in all other available manner, Godwinized (you know Bob, 'He who first invokes Hitler wins' - But anyway Bob that's what it's come to, the "little girls and boys" are no longer 'little girls and boys' oh no indeedy no - "properly sanctified" they're Sacred Objects.

You ever imagine Bob you, "properly irreligious" as you consider yourself could ever have the appellation sanctimonious applied to yourself?

Probably not I'd grant you Bob - you're Bob "beyond that."

I trust Bob you'll whenever our contretemps come up in the future you'll recognize my using Mother Superior will be my way of replying to yourself?

Pompous is no longer available.

Which is too bad.

I'd texted for, if there was any occurred "help" but then Mother Superior I can't imagine getting anybody better than this guy.


Oh please, please, please, please, please, don't call me Mother Superior. I can't take it. Not at all! Boo hoo hoo hoo!

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