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Sunday, 08 September 2019


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Ah yes, the battle of Barossa. The last time Blighty attacked taking on odds of 2:1 against, and won?

Falklands came close, but I don't think it was 2:1 from memory.


The reputation of Huey Long continued as caricature of many Southern politicians even to this day. Long, while 'colorful', was an unquenchable appetite for money and power and the forerunner of the Clinton machine. Back then and even today, enemies of either machine would sometimes discover their pre-written suicide notes while "investigating" lawlessness.

David, 'Instapundit' has followed D&N this am.

LIBERAL FASCISM, THE EARLY YEARS: Huey Long: Tyrant, Not Benefactor.

“It’s a mistake to regard Huey Long as an ideological figure, a man committed to a program,” Schlesinger said. “I think Huey Long’s great passion was for power and money ..."

"His supporters, then as now, happily overlooked his tremendous moral failings and their institutional consequences ... because he supposedly fought for the common man."

That reminds me of a current American politician. Who would it be? Wait, don't tell me ...

(Hattie and Huey: An Arkansas Tour)

I'm surprised David you didn't work in the bit "The tallest tombstone in the United States" part.


"That reminds me of a current American politician. Who would it be? Wait, don't tell me ..."

Sorry Bob but because I've got to go pick up a pal of mine so we can make a trip to Barney's for a replenishment of stores I'm gonna have to go ahead and tell you who you're trying to think the name of ...

Hillary Clinton! Of Clinton Foundation fame. And Bill Clinton. Also of Clinton Foundation *fame* - Matter of fact Bob when I get back this afternoon I'll get into Arkansas' only statewide newspaper's archives and find the article within which both Bill and Hill state emphatically (while resident in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion) "We're admirers of The Kingfish from a long ways back and we are intent on doing for Arkansas much of what Huey Long did for our neighbor to the South.")

Hillary went on to mention she "felt a kinship with Hattie Caraway."

Sorry about just being able to provide the teaser for now Bob but should you be impatient you can search for yourself in the archives of The Arkansas Gazette - not to be confused with The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Figured David, you'd get a kick outta how an eastern newspaper {NYT?] attempted to describe Huey's campaigning for Hattie was going (at the time) The reporter's phrase to the best of my recollection being, "Barnstorming seems inadequate in attempting to describe this campaign. It's more akin to a circus wagon hitched to a tornado."

Pal's just gonna have to wait abit more.,+%E2%80%9CHattie+and+Huey,%E2%80%9D+The+Saturday+Evening+Post,+15+October+1932&source=bl&ots=1wm19m7_sI&sig=ACfU3U2_DJuzRktYJAzZfaDjSPRk61I4FQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiayvmyysHkAhVCDq0KHdtXAcIQ6AEwBHoECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=Hermann%20Deutsch%2C%20%E2%80%9CHattie%20and%20Huey%2C%E2%80%9D%20The%20Saturday%20Evening%20Post%2C%2015%20October%201932&f=false

David if you feel the need (or interest) to pick just one of the links I've put on here to get a feel for The Huey Long this is it.

It wasn't the NYT as I was guessing above rather the description was provided in the Saturday Evening Post by the professionally trained Chicago reporter Hermann Deutsch. Gives a "real feel" for what Democrat politics was then and how it's come to in the here and now.

Karl Marx never had nuthin' compared to the Democrats.

Huey Long also went by the nick name "The King Fish".

David my oldest brother now deceased served with the Cameronians in Malaya 1951-1953. He told me it was Gurkha jungle training that probably kept him alive during live contact with the enemy. The Gurkhas used to chalk mark the training soldiers boots and puttees during exercise. The Cameronians refused to emalgimate and chose to disband. The 1960s Labour Government were determined to wipe the Cameronians from history. Many Ex Cameronians were the hard core military trainers in the TAVR. RIP Cpl Freddie Wilson Cameroonian in Korea and my drill instructor during recruit training.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the tennis yesterday morning.
Ding, dong. The witch is dead!!


In right wing mythology the Clintons play the parts of Satan and all the demons, don't they?

It would also benefit you, and the Brit readers who care, to keep in mind that Old Dixie was Democratic up until the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Johnson famously said "there goes the South" at the signing. He was right. The Democratic "solid South" is now the Republican "solid South". Patrick Buchanan, who was mentioned here recently, was one of the main architects of the change.

Bob, I knew the Democrats were the rascists. They murdered blacks in New York during the Civil War.

Bob is correct folks. So far as he goes.

Arkansas for instance so long as the "by county" urban centers are left out are solid Republican.

But then there's places such as Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, and etc having, political affiliation speaking-wise, something very similar to their, for instance, Chicago and Baltimore counterparts. Large minority populations and solid Democrat municipal governments.

Remember too that in a large number of these southern states, the Democrats held the majority of governorships until the election of of Donald Trump. That Arkansas' election cycle by the way, saw the first solid Republican delegation flip since Reconstruction.

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