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Monday, 23 September 2019


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The climate freaks are blocking traffic in DC today. A more lily white bunch of loons you won't find. Surely they will show up in Beijing next week?

A pawn being used to address the largest body of global swindlers all in one place:

OK, it's true. The whole AGW thing is a hoax. It was invented as a scientific drinking game. Every time we hear "hockey stick graph" we take a shot. And now every time we hear "Greta Thunberg" we take a shot followed by a beer. All those melting glaciers are being faked with CGI in Hollywood studios. Your meat pies and tarts and fish & chips are really what's going to get you:

"Experts have predicted that by the year 2020 one third of the United Kingdom population could be obese. Rising levels of obesity are a major challenge to public health. There are expected to be 11 million more obese adults in the UK by 2030, accruing up to 668,000 additional cases of diabetes mellitus, 461,000 cases of heart disease and stroke, 130,000 cases of cancer, with associated medical costs set to increase by £1.9–2.0B per year by 2030. Adult obesity rates have almost quadrupled in the last 25 years."

The Western Diet can be a killer. Bad carbs, too much processed sugar and too much salt.

Frightening people, those who will brainwash a special needs kid with heightened fears and thrust her into the meeja. Pure exploitation of a vulnerable child. And that's her parents.

If a parent would do that to their own child what else will the rest of them do? Gas 6 million Africans to death? Oh yes, forgot, they've already done that one. They refused Africa electrification with fossil fuel power stations and thereby condemned 600,000 Africans per annum to death from lung disease with biomass cooking fumes in their own homes for the last 10 years.

White Nordic special needs person gasses to death 6 million ethnics. Sounds vaguely familiar.



In an earlier post you accused us of having a massive blind spot and compared the “27” to robocop. Yet the nominee for Justice Commissioner is being investigated for corruption and the person appointed to lead the European Bank has been found guilty of financial negligence while in a similar but lower position. So you would rather have us ruled by the EU villains and incompetents than those we can vote out. Now who has a massive blind spot?

Why can't somebody, anybody, have the guts to ask St Greta, "What caused the last ice age and what ended it?" If she can't answer it, linking the causes to human pollution, then why is anybody listening to her? Perhaps those buying a ticket to one of her speeches receives a free U2 album?

Also, they might ask her which would be worse to endure, an ice-age or a heat wave?


"The prices of wind and solar power in Africa are competitive with (and in some places less than) that of coal. Moreover, claims by countries such as Kenya that coal is needed for baseload power are unconvincing. No coal plant stays up all the time (just ask South Africa). Having so much power coming from the plant in Lamu would raise concerns about dependability in Kenya. With over half of its installed capacity coming from hydropower and geothermal energy, it is already in a good position to deal with intermittency problems."

Nice try moving the ad hominem attack from the little girl to her parents, though.

"All those melting glaciers are being faked with CGI in Hollywood studios."

Nope. What it is is all those climate scientists bon voyaging to film glacier melt getting trapped in sea ice and calling for rescue proves it's not CGI.

As Hollywood, CGI is not to prove rather it asks us simply to "suspend belief" - messianic messaging without the popcorn and milk duds.


What a crap article. The simple fact is South Africa is more electrified than Sub Saharan Africa by an order of magnitude because SA uses coal and SSA doesn't! ...

The places in Africa that are weak and bow to the Climate Alarmists get bugger all electricity from the crappy windmills and solar panels, below 30% in SSA reducing to 16% in rural areas. Whereas coal powered SA hits 86% electrification.

The rotten bastard author of the Economist article says about the suffocating rural areas at 16% electrification: "Some countries propose hooking poor rural customers up to the grid, but this is expensive. Given how little power they consume, it might be more sensible to come up with off-grid solutions."

That's like saying "Given how little poor, starving people eat there's no need to feed them like we do"!

WTF! How unbearably arrogant is that! Unbelievable.


I'm not sure which expedition you're referring to, JK, but climate scientists get stuck in sea ice on purpose:

It's gone beyond a scandal ...

By any other group and any other means it would be called genocide.


Some people only see what they want to see. Others only see what they're paid to see:


If you bothered to read the Economist article I linked the other day, you would have seen the Chinese are behind a lot of the push to burn coal in Africa. The reason is simple: Using coal for power is cheap, and it will increase their profits from investments in the continent. They don't care if toxic coal ash is piled up in someone else's back yard.


What sort of leak is that supposed to be?! An organisation funded to test the received wisdom of pseudo scientists - wtf is wrong with that?

They didn't lie about hockey sticks and hide their workings and models. They didn't defy causality by saying that something tomorrow can cause something today. They didn't ignore non-linear dynamics and mathematical chaos and thereby derive false predictions. They didn't hide decades worth of historical climate data and re-write the data to be what their false models say it should have been. They didn't ignore error tolerances and thereby derive useless predictions. Rather, they challenged all those junk scientists to did do those things.

In doing their business they support the scientific method, that of Falsificationism, which would be totally airbrushed out by the lying pols and junk scientists of Climate Alarmism if they and their ilk didn't exist.

Observing D&N discussions enables one to conclude one thing of worth: The left, right and centre of politics is totally worthless to the well-being of the third estate today. Not for a long time looking back in history can you find a period when a switch away from authoritarianism and back to Libertarianism on the line that lies perpendicular to the axis of left, right, and centre politics is so badly needed.



Abandon the tippy top of the Nolan chart. Throw off your ideology and join me in freethinking. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

The linked article refers to Anthony Watts's website as "anti-science", which is like a Yankees fan calling the Red Sox "anti-baseball".

Hear, hear Malcolm.

And thanks for that link a while back regarding error tolerances not being understood by the junk scientists And climate Alarmists, with the consequent garbage predictions of their theories.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition ...


My pleasure, SoD.

And yes -- when it comes to ammunition, now's a good time to be stocking up.


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