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Thursday, 05 September 2019


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My 'gut feeling', never to be relied upon, is that the dreaded 'Peeps' will exact a huge revenge on those who, having asked for and received our opinion in the last referendum, then, in effect, pissed on us

You mean those peeps who in the last election which came after the referendum hacked Theresa May's "no deal is better than a bad deal" majority away and hung the parliament?

What do you think those peeps make of the "No Deal" antics of BoJo/Cummings?

You were lost when you started to believe your own propaganda that the peeps believed "Brexit means, is equal to, No Deal".

You airbrushed the central position of the mid-Brexit territory as instantiated by May, and also all the Norway Brexit options in your own blinkered uncompromising mind as well as believing that that's what the peeps were thinking.

All coz the rightwing Meeja, Nige, BoJo, and Cummings told you so.

The Tory party is for all intents and purposes dead. The right is split with the BP and the left is split with the 21.

May's deal, the central position, which May's deal took for you but you refused to support and occupy while you marched out on that No Deal western flank has fallen to your enemy. The Labour party are already digging in with Kinnock in charge of proceedings asking parliament to vote on the May's Withdrawal Agreement while the 3 months to January runs. Your fellas couldn't even be bothered to send a wrecking party - no tellers turned up in the lobby when the vote came so Kinnock took the position uncontested!

So your enemies now have the centre and all points east to the Remain flank. A broad range of options all of which are ok to them, the peeps, and most importantly the EU.

You're going to lose the next election. Period. Get over it.

The only hope for you is that the Lib/Lab/Green/SNP Pact makes a cock-and-bollocks of agreeing and coalescing around any position with which to go to Brussels and more importantly fails to get anything through the future parliament for just that reason.

In that you will most likely be pleasantly surprised!

So chin up, Gaffer.


Stone dead.

And as for you Yanks out there hoping to make a vassal out of Blighty and credit the Don with the only "deal" in his presidency, faggetaboutit!

You're on your own.


Anti democrats fear the judgement of the people. As always.

SoD, we Yanks don't do "vassals". We do freedom and self determination. Vassal is a European thing.

What Whitewall said.

PARLIAMENT VOTES TO DISSOLVE THE PEOPLE AND ELECT ANOTHER: U.K. Parliament Gives A Full-Fledged Finger To The British People.

Who governs Britain?

Freedom and self-determination?

You did believe in it once. Not anymore.

"I win, you lose", the Don's doctrine. That doesn't sound like freedom and self-determination to me.

Didn't sound like freedom and self-determination to Adam Smith either ...

Sadly, it's what Yanks seem to believe these days on both sides of the political divide, from that link ...

Unfortunately, as a Bloomberg poll indicated early this year, 65 percent of Americans believe the government should restrict trade even more and that this would protect American jobs.

You've developed a blind spot for 1776, haven't you?


What ever the ebb and flow of what we believe, for better or not so much better, our basic premise stands and we determine its extent for good or not so good. No foreign capitol will take the place of this basic premise. The "1776 thing" upended all notions of governing around the world to one degree or another.


Keep in mind that Trump is a minority president who narrowly won the (outdated) electoral college and lost the popular vote by 3 million ballots. Also try to remember that not everyone is interested in macroeconomics or has an occupation tied to technology. Millions of good-paying jobs in America have been lost to offshoring but more importantly to automation and artificial intelligence.

Of course politicians take advantage of change, dishonestly by default, to promote their own agendas. The state of affairs is not unique to the States. Obviously. Are you even slightly able to appreciate the irony of a Brit lecturing Americans on politics? Yours is the one advanced democracy even more screwed up than ours.


Not even this will save you now ...

... But the panic and fear around rightist Brexiteers is so palpable you can smell it.

Time to form a dignified square like the Old Guard at Waterloo, and go down fighting. Captain Mainwaring would be proud.


The "1776 thing", Adam Smith, et al has been paved over with your rotten Autocratic Democracy. Authoritarianism took a huge hit in 1776 I grant you, but found its feet again through Democratic Centralism.

Basically: if we get 51% we do what we like, including putting 6 million in a gas chamber and 120 million into an early grave.

Until the principle that "Democracy is Liberty's little bitch and not the other way round" is re-established authoritarians will be more empowered than they've ever been because now the have the self-righteousness of over extended Democracy on their side.

Until it is accepted that because 3.5 million people have rights that cannot be undone and that trumps whatever 52% might want in a poll this new dark age will continue to settle upon us.


"Millions of good-paying jobs in America have been lost to offshoring but more importantly to automation and artificial intelligence."

Poppycock. Shows you didn't read the link. Shows that 1776 and the pointy top of Nolan's Chart is a blind spot for left Yanks as well as right.

(1) For every job "lost" offshore the US company that benefits from saving money banks it or spends it - and that creates another.

(2) The offshore action puts downward pressure on the dollar because the US company sells dollars to pay for the offshore goods or services. A devalued dollar makes imports to the US more expensive thereby making US companies more competitive. And US exports are made cheaper thereby making US exporters more competitive. Both creates jobs.

Both of those 2 means that jobs change, but net jobs are maintained.

(3) The rise of automation and productivity means that eventually it will become pointless to work when machines and a handful of propellor heads can produce more than we ever want. Wtf is wrong with that?! Do you think I want to spend the rest of my days coding apps when I could be wargaming, reading, winding Dad's Army and the one Bolshevik (that's you, btw) up on D&N, drinking, and having rudies with Fluffbun?



Just for you, and especially you Bob.

Winning "the majority" which resides in what, a mere three states Bob means that much?


One last link:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands ...

A Republic Bob, if we can keep it.


Is being a Bolshevik any worse than being a monarchist?:

BoJo having the Queen suspend parliament reveals a certain yearning for the good old days, no? He's turned out to be as much an authoritarian as King Donald.

It must have taken quite an effort to miss my point. Of course the economies of scale benefit everyone involved. And, if still above ground, I'll be as happy as anyone to see machines take over drudgery. But a lot of Americans (and Brits) see international cooperation as a loss of sovereignty. And working for $15/hr is obviously not as much fun as making $30/hr. Thus the political turmoil around you, sir.


Call me a humanist, but I believe states with more people should have more say-so than those with more cattle. "Legal Insurrection"? Really?

Bob you ever aware of how the administration of Oberlin College acted before during or after the Gibson family won their decision from any media at all other than was made available on the LI blogsite?

Don't bother replying Bob. Having put up with the likes of you for so long you, personally, probably hasn't even realized there ever was a case.


I'll reply with my impression of our host: I say old boy, whatever are you going on about?

Rather expected that Bob. Have a nice day.

BoJo's rambling and incoherent "he's making it up as he goes along" speech and police cadets who look 'ard but can't actually stand on their own two feet for more than 20 minutes without a fizzy energy drink ...

I told you: by ripping off the covers of EU governance and oversight and thrusting Brit pols and civil servants to the fore you'd get an unwelcome up-close-and-personal view onto the utter dross that it is.

Leave the Brit pols and public sector to do the easy stuff, virtue-signalling, and unimportant crapulata like fox hunting bans, gay marriage, and safe spaces at universities.

Give the hardnut difficult political-economy stuff like running a single market, policing fiscally incontinent states like Italy and Greece and enlightenment backtrackers like the Poles and Hungarians, and mending the effects of Jerry "We can do it" throw open the gates of Vienna policy to the EU.

Worked well for 45 years.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Michael "The Bastard" Gove, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and of this Manor (ok Bob, point taken about Blighty's ludicrous aristocratic constitution and titled authoritarians, but something I've been saying for a while, ok?!), playing dead on the field of glory in the central position of May's Deal but quietly readying his Tommy gun as Kinnockio digs in around him ...

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, who is in charge of no deal planning, told MPs the [May's] deal was a “compromise”.

On Wednesday an amendment by Stephen Kinnock, the Labour MP, to put Mrs May's Brexit deal back to the Commons for another vote appeared to pass by mistake.

The amendment, added to Hillary Benn’s bill to block a no deal Brexit, was approved after no tellers for the noes were put forward by the government.

Yes, quite!

FFS Brexiteers wake up and smell the coffee! Govey will spring to life and give you covering fire with the last few rounds in his Thompson as you speed march in from the No Deal western flank and hoof Kinnockio out!

But what do we hear from your glorious leader flayling about off West on the No Deal flank? ...

A Downing Street spokesman said it had no plans to bring Mrs May’s deal back to the Commons adding: “Our focus is on talking to the EU about ways to resolve the issues we have with the backstop."



If Boris had a sense of humour he would revoke Article 50 and then resign.


I missed your second comment until today. The article points out what I've repeated several times here: The Democratic/Republican divide is mostly a divide between cities and rural areas. So we agree there.

However, the quote of Ben Franklin is a right wing incantation meant to magically stop conversation. Of course the US government is founded on republican principles, but it's a hybrid also founded on democracy. It's often called a democratic republic. George Washington gave the idea a huge boost when he voluntarily surrendered the office of president after his two terms.

You're reckoning "intent" now Bob?

You're additionally reckoning George's?


Nope. It doesn't matter what Washington's specific intentions were. The point is he yielded to the democratic process. Many expected him to make himself a King. Legend has it King George III called him the greatest man in the world for his action. it's not quite historically accurate, but close.

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