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Friday, 27 September 2019


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You don't have to be a genius to analyze what is happening. There are a lot of sore losers around.

the best people nowadays go into journalism

That sure has changed.

Our respective governing classes seem to believe they govern by Divine Right or something. Any threat to that, Trump/Brexit is met with unhinged rage which has given way to a certain form of mental illness.

Our governing classes have revealed themselves to us normal people. If each is allowed to get away with what each is attempting, they will do more of it later to make sure they are never challenged again.

How best to neuter them, that is the question.

The scale of their injurious nature to the rest of us is made apparent when the mitigations and inoculations against them are listed: -

Private Property
Separation of Powers
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of movement
Rule of Law
Due Process
Innocent until Proven Guilty
Habeas Corpus
The Free Market
Rules based systems

Imagine the savings in all the above proactive efforts that have to be made to stop the pols, that we, the ordinaries, the third estate, adhere to without need of coercion, if all the pols popped a pill at birth to de-pol their genes and we didn't have to afford these protections from them and suffer the consequences when the protections slip and fail?

The pol gene: A congenital sickness and the worst blight on humanity.

Gaffer, you shoved Auberon Waugh, Milton Friedman, John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, Karl Popper, Friedrich Hayek et al under my nose in early teenage. I have never looked back and am eternally grateful.

But whatever happened to you?

Or is this some Jedi-like final selection test to see if I will buckle? A P-Company of Libertarianism, to be passed before I enter some secret Bilderberg style group of Libertarian ultras that you run secretly under the cover of D&N?

If so, all I can say is it is a fking sight harder than P-Company, and why can't it be as easy as this? ...


Politicians sniffing each other's backsides before slashing and biting is better than us all having to do it ourselves. Give credit where it's due.

SoD, your pathetic attempts to, er, 'censure' your obscenities by removing one letter fools no-one. Try cutting ALL of the letters! Any more and the censor's axe will fall - this is your last warning!


I feel I must object to unfair treatment of young SoD. You let me get away with removing one letter to bowdlerize the same vulgarism. Your clever boy has realized removing two is even more effective. Count more carefully and, once again, give credit where due.

You, Bob, are an occasional miscreant; SoD, if permitted, would become a constant user of obscenities such that this blog would read like his local saloon bar sounds!


On a more serious note, dismissing Brexit and Trump's impeachment as derangement is too facile, regardless of how much wit is applied. Brits have reason to be optimistic that in a system that probably relies too heavily on the sense of your politicians, a system that evolved from the concept of divine guidance, a democratic process is playing out - even if you refuse to see it, David.

Re Trump, read the whistleblower complaint:

It was obviously written by a highly trained intelligence analyst and cites specific law. The gist of it was backed up by the memo summary of the call with Volodymyr Zelensky that Trump ordered released himself.

"obviously written by a highly trained intelligence analyst"

Nope. It wasn't written by "a" anything.

The "complaint" (such as it is) was assembled by a committee.


So the whistleblower is a committee? Please explain.

"If CIA or other intelligence operatives are using their access to sensitive information in order to interfere in our political process, then that is a lot more frightening than a President raising the widely-reported corruption of his political opponent with the president of the country where the alleged corruption took place."

The "complaint" was a very lawyerly document not typical for a "CIA analyst/operative". This document was the work of a lawyer(s). Citations of applicable law and all. That sort of thing is the work of legal people. A "Steele Dossier" inside the WH. Here we go again. Russia all over again. Same trash agenda by the same trash Democrats and their trash allies in the media.

Oh Gawd, here we go!

And there was me thinking this one was clear-cut!


SoD, just as clear cut as the last one. Or the next one. People know the DoJ Inspector General will release a full report in days. There is a good possibility that the Obama Adm. will look bad in it among others. "Impeachment" is to suck up all the 'news' oxygen.


Here's the official form required to submit a complaint of allegations:

I do not expect you'll notice anything "out-of-the-ordinary" where the particular form is concerned so, I'll do it for you.

You notice Bob on the lower right corner of the form the notation

"Rev: August 2019"? On each and every of the pages?

Neither do I Bob expect such as yourself to be familiar with a very specific change that was made between what was required prior to the revision made a mere 34 days ago - Care to guess what one of the (in my personal experience) most significant changes was?

Bueller? Er, apologies. Bob?

The previous form had a line stating: "The Intelligence Community Inspector General [ICIG] cannot transmit information via the ICPWA based on an employee’s second-hand knowledge of wrongdoing. FIRST-HAND INFORMATION REQUIRED. [My Bolding - JK] This includes information received from another person, such as when an employee informs you that he/she witnessed some type of wrongdoing."

"If you think that wrongdoing took place, but can provide nothing more than second-hand or unsubstantiated assertions, the office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General will not be able to process the complaint or information for submission as an ICWPA.”


Does the concept of "That seems mighty convenient" at all occur to you?

(I haven't a clue how other Executive departments 'Reporting Forms' were available, whether those departments' forms demanded info to be first-hand, I just don't know. However knowing as I do the 'acronym agencies' which had a "I" in the nomenclature used to have the form requiring 'First Hand Knowledge' [You see Bob ol' JK is making unclear just how he knows this shit?] ...

Anybody reading here on D&N have Diplomad's email address? Lewis Amselem's to be specific? I'd like to know whether his experience jibes with mine.)


All you're proving is the complaint, as submitted to Congress, wasn't presented on the fill-in PDF. Is that unusual?


Belief in Trump has nothing to do with evidence. You might have noticed before now.

Apparently Bob you've not been paying attention.

If the complaint had been "submitted to Congress" don't you think the "person" would've been leaked already?

So far as you're inquiring about "unusual" is concerned ... well yes now that you mention it, alot of stuff surrounding this whole thing seems damn queer to me.

This one's gonna run and run, ain't it?

Corrupt Ukrainian official attacked for corruption by corrupt democrat official attacked for corruption by corrupt republican official!

The fractal behaviour of politicians: repeated iterations of similar behaviour each output providing the input into the next. I code those every day as I worship at the alter of Kurt Godel.

Or from a more arty-farty perspective, I remember watching a film called La Ronde with you and the little Memsahib, Gaffer. Basically it was about a "shag-circle". That is, the plot followed one person until they shagged another, then followed the shagged person until they shagged another, and do on until the last shagger shagged the original: hey presto, La Ronde!

Not quite sure where I was going with that, it's early and I need a strong cuppa as I haven't woken up fully yet.


Oh yes, remember now. That's why it's so good being a Libertarian. You get to stand outside the system and see it for what it is without getting fxxxed. Boom, boom!

Sorry Gaffer, couldn't resist!!!


Politicians sniffing each other's backsides before slashing and biting is better than us all having to do it ourselves. Give credit where it's due.

There's a great metaphor needing visual instantiation, Bob, I think? ...

The first, second and third estate doing the do in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Sometimes the google-God throws a beautiful morsel to the ordinaries. Let's eat cake!


La Ronde de Man's Best Friend:

It seems the Brit opposition is every bit as perfidious as our Intel services and Democrats:

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