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Monday, 09 September 2019


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The American Left, like the Left everywhere, is attempting to rewrite history to suit a narrative of the present. The Left can't find enough actual racial strife so they have to create it to run against it. All for the sake of power.

You see old boy, this type of post is why you're losing readers. The article you linked is melodramatic and otherwise ludicrous. It's a pile of cliches and unsupported accusations that no serious person would bother with. It is not provocative, only dumb.

Seems to have provoked you, Bob!

By the way, Bob, is your grumpiness due in any way to your belief that, really and truly, Zimmerman was guilty?

Don't get Bob started David, he's still sore over those kids from Covington not getting crucified and Jussie Smollet's attackers not being Trump supporting MAGA hat wearing Ku Klux Klanners.

O/T, looks like Speaker Bercow is threatening to step down. Bercow always reminds me of a pug nose dog who is forever licking his privates and then looks around to see if anyone is watching.

One interesting point was that the system that gave Trayvon a pass was also responsible for the murder of the schoolkids in Broward County six years later. Excusing bad behavior and ignoring blatant warning signs were part of the conspiracy of silence.


I noticed today your writing is better at The Carpateria than here. Actually, other than all the added "newz" showmanship, I don't see Martin's shooting as much different than thousands of others every year in the US.

Re 'The American Thinker': As Forrest Gump said in the movie, "Stupid is as stupid does."

The best ever:

Whitewall, Bercow is one of the elitist pro EU and should have stood down when we voted to leave the corrupt fascist EU. However he remained to do as much damage to the majority who voted Leave. I hope MI5 has had his phone tapped and there is a press leak. Lots of onerous things have no doubt been going on by the remain mobsters which history will hopefully reveal.

Jimmy, Maybe Mr. Bercow can retreat to his home and lay down in the driveway and lick his privates. It would serve him.

It's a never ending struggle between power and liberty.

Whitewall, his wife will not be licking his privates.

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