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Saturday, 28 September 2019


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No matter the epoch there is always a political crisis, and in that eternal context has anything truer ever been said than this? ...



Another good thing about FDR is when Churchill asked for help against Hitler, FDR didn't say something like, "I have a favor to ask, though. Dig up some dirt on Wendell Willkie.":

The Ukranians should be so lucky.

David in Arkianese we'd put it, "That thereun's a goldurned masterpiece!"

Seen on Twitter:
"It's a full court press against Trump, Johnson, Netanyahu. It's like watching some kind of world war break out. Or it could be coincidence."

All three men have things in common.

Bob, I see FDR had 6 kids.

So I guess another good thing about him was he didn't place them in top jobs with his allies on $600,000 a year? Or maybe he did?


Looks like the Biden family's impropriety is gonna get the Don re-elected ...

Biden's a liability which Warren can chuck at him on an as-and-when basis, and Warren's a liability with the peeps herself for being too lefty.

You're rubber-ducked me old sunshine!



I won't defend Biden. There are a lot of things about him worse than his nepotism, which is probably more than cancelled out by Trump having his kids so heavily involved in the White House. I expect he won't get the nomination and will be a non-issue in the election.

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