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Monday, 16 September 2019


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Honestly, David, do you think the Democratic party is any more ridiculous than the Tory party?

David, you're aware Justice Kavenaugh was on the staff of Ken Starr back in the 90s and the fellow making the allegations in the NYT (Max Stier) defended on behalf of the Clinton's?

I've seen a theory offered this latest allegation has something to do with the prognosis of a Justice not named Kavenaugh.

Totally unsupported by available evidence of course but if the NYT can put its shit out there why can't I?

The NYT is already backpedaling:

Well, Bob, for a newspaper of record that likes to position itself at the top of the mountain of respectability, it should not have ridden the wretched, broken-down bicycle/story in the first place! It's called editorial judgment!

The NYT will suffer no lack of reputation among their readers. The people who read it are no better than the Times. They are now into advocacy and not liberal journalism. TDS has done this to the Left and they are acting out like mental patients off their meds. It will take an effort for the Times to rise just to the level of Yellow Journalism.

Reckon "y'alls" BBC will have a problem with "our" BBC?

Since David, we're on about media companies an' all justly speaking ...


Sorry to take some hot air out of a perfectly good rant. Next time I'll wait until it's late over there.

Fear not, Bob, you removed neither hot nor cold air from my comment nor, I might say, did you add anything original or interesting. Just the 'sameoldsameold'!

JK, I'm afraid to open that link!

Does look some sketchy Whitewall but I assure you, it's pure ...

There's you one Bob, take it and run with it to the NYT. It's Newsweek. Said to be "highly reputable"! And you can probably bet, the pancakes were never reported to the IRS.

It's being theorized, and I think it is a sound theory, that there is RBG health news that we are not entirely privy to that is driving their renewed attacks on Kavanaugh. This isn't meant to take down Kavanaugh, but as an object lesson to an RBG replacement. In short, advanced intimidation.


Newsweek has lost any pretense to high reputation by publishing a lie meant to dim the blinding glory of Dear Leader. It is a socialist rag disloyal to America! It's center of operations should be immediately evacuated and burned to the ground!

By the way, you would normally be commenting on the recent bombing in Saudi Arabia or North Korea's growing habit of launching missiles over Japan. What gives?

Well Bob, trying to "explain why I ain't" as I might be normally is kinda complicated in these recent times. Lemme just say there was this fellow who used to oh, "umpire" some discussions I used to participate in and in his 'umpiring' made the call as to putting out the 'what's what.'

Sadly The Umpire isn't around anymore And "we" feel the loss. Acutely.

However, where "I" is concerned over those sorts of commentings since the mentioned loss, my input/opinion is going toward a different gig. And like in the days of 'my olden times' there's a non-disclosure document I've put my John Hancock to. And that's complicated my personal situation.

Hope my "explanation" Bob calms your *nervous inclinations* for the immediate/foreseeable future but if it doesn't, well I can't say much more than that.

I suppose you could start following Max Boot and know whatever he says is the opposite - or at least, mostly - of what I'd say.

Max currently for instance is cheerleading a version of dearly departed/fondly remembered John McCain's "Bomb bomb Iran."

David, you might wish to file that away for future use - Or maybe on the offchance your Australian Jokes-Finders decide to take some Monday or another off.

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