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Thursday, 17 October 2019


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The location looks interesting. I would be standing on that rock jetty fishing. Rooms are quite nice too. My favorite wife would greatly enjoy...

You stayed in a hotel with a dress code and likely instructed the bartender your martini was to be shaken, not stirred. And how much did you win at baccarat?

You got home just in time to view video clips of Mill Wall fans dealing with the eco-fascists.

Well it seems if I were to send a Bulgarian manufactured widget from Bulgaria via ROI, NI to Nissan in Sunderland, it will have no checks or tariff to pay. However, if I do the reverse the EU tax at the going rate will be paid plus checks all in the Irish sea.

Bizarrely if I send it direct from Bulgaria to Nissan in Sunderland via Calais / Dover it would be checked and taxed.

Same goes for a box of mushrooms or a call centre conversation as far as I can see.

Now as someone who favours smuggling as an anti-authoritarian, pro-Libertarian activity I'm quite ok with that. Anything that gets any government's mitts off business, even if it is only in one direction and route, is good by me.

But I'm not sure it's what Dad's Army had in mind from Brexit!

Also, what incentive is there now in the coming negotiations for the new Free Trade Deal for the EU to negotiate downwards on their tariffs on Blighty's goods and services? "Normally" it would be that Blighty reduces its tariffs on EU goods and services coming in, but since they are already zero via the ROI/NI route Blighty has nothing to negotiate with!

Only Dad's Army could be this thick. Oh, correction, we'll see if the Bolsheviks are that stupid on Saturday when the ding-dong in parliament kicks off: will they be bright enough to spot this glaring cock-up?

Once again, unilateral free trade with anyone is right up my strasse - I'm for it! Nice cheap French wine and Czech Pilsener lager with no tariff paid on its way into my volinous belly!

But as said, not sure the country-bumpkins were really after this!


Voluminous belly.


Loz, you have to wonder how the British survived for centuries without the EU bourgeoisie gravy train. How did our ancestors do it?

Well Jimmy, however they did it it was never helped by your ginger mob always siding with the frogs.

But broadly it was like this: Fighting a bunch of spear-chuckers while armed with Lee Enfield's was hardly a demanding military ask, no Bonaparte required. Didn't stop the dullards getting themselves slaughtered by bunches of spear-chuckers from time-to-time, as at Isandhlwana for example.

And because the Euros were perpetually involved in kicking the shit out of each other they were not as effective as they might have been at interfering with Blighty and carving out empires of their own, and so the Lee Enfield's managed 25% of the planet.

Once the Yanks and Euros got their act together and stopped fighting each other Blighty's empire couldn't collapse fast enough.

Then the autocrats with massively over-inflated opinions of themselves came back to Blighty circa 1945+ and showed us their true worth trying to run a modern state in straighter more equal competition with the rest of the free world.

The results are on display in "The Three Threes": -

- 3 decades 1945-75

- 3 industries: NHS, Soc Services, State Education

- Last 3 years

Something like that.


I see you're hosting the Turks up there in bonny Scotland Jimmy, prepping for WWIII....

Well once again we can assume which side you're on: Alahu Akbar ayyyeee laddie!


I thought Monty Python had returned last night watching the "idiot box" a.k.a television.

Some female alleged to be a Detective Chief Constable Cooke [or similar] from the Cheshire Constabulary was pontificating on International Pronoun Day and how we should all be careful not to offend others by using the wrong pronoun. Surely there must be something more important for the Constabulary to do - you know like monstering some poor bugger for parking in too long in a restricted place - or perhaps sending some bloody hairy to check out his virgin allotment.

See what happens when you take a couple of days of Duffers

What are you lot putting in the water in the UK?

Pronoun day:
He Him His or Mister Sir

And the female lot of course - she, her etc.

Silly me! I thought the basis for the British Empire was the Royal Navy! Now the voice of the Planet Zog explains that it was some rifle or other. Back to school I suppose.

Loz, it is a nae toe exercise. As for gingers they are descendents of Kirk Douglas, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis.

Ah.. the Belmont. Wonderful place. My Mother was Chairman of the local PROBUS group that met there for many years. She did say that it was hard to find an English speaking attendant, even there.

Stewart, I too was once a member of Probus but, alas, our meeting place was definitely not the Belmont! Actually, these days there are a few 'Anglos' amongst the staff but all of them behave impeccably.

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