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Monday, 28 October 2019


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Baghdadi is dead. Our thoughts go out to Jeremy Corbyn in this difficult time.

You are a very naughty boy, Wiggers, but you make me laugh!

No one thinks Trump used his custom Sharpie to draw out the plan of attack that killed Baghdadi, but he did use it to authorize the operation and deserves credit. As long as he stuck to the teleprompter, he also gave a good follow-up speech. As always, though, he couldn't quit while ahead and went on to make it all about himself and scoring political points with a lot of childish grievances and accusations.

Some pretend the only reasons everyone doesn't recognize Trump's self-proclaimed genius are slams by the Democrats and main stream media. In reality, as the crowd at the World Series game demonstrated by booing Trump and chanting "lock him up", his real problem is that most people are just sick of him and his big mouth. He's obnoxious and embarrassing even in victory.

Trump's natural show boating aside, this presentation was for domestic audiences. The leaders of Congress kept in the dark for obvious reasons. Americans love that! The long running tv show Saturday Night Live had just done a comedy put down of Trump/Syria...they can't unshow what they did. Sec. of State Pompeo was in Kansas with full press corp attending. He didn't suddenly fly back to DC thus alerting the press that 'something was afoot'. The NY Times and WaPo immediately set to beclowning themselves with headlines trying to deal with the surprise event with confused, pathetic and laughable headlines-which are screen captured-trying not to mention any credit for Trump giving the go the ahead to the military's plan. Things could have gone wrong and ended up with helicopters crashing into each other. Trump would never hear the end of that.

Whitewall, our BBC anti brexit and Trump were on a roll today. They were encouraging our educated public to have a go at the Donald for referring to the Islamic nutter as Dog. It is apparanty anti Islamic to mention dogs! Any chance at having a go at Trump the BBC will be in the forefront.

Jimmy, ironically it was a take down done with the aid of a military K-9 in the lead! So a hero dog helped take down a mass murdering dog. In my part of the US, we call the K-9 style dog a "Dawg". Bad ass pooch!

I'd be interested to hear what JK has to say.

Well Andra where you're .. and you are concerned. That's put a bit of a point on the problem hadn't it?

Bob's "As always, though, he couldn't quit while ahead" redounds of 'OBL is dead, GM is alive' or mebbe

Which is good as far as it goes.

Took awhile for me to remember where I'd seen that.

Thanks JK. Very interesting.

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